San Antonio, Ibiza

When: August 2012

Oh Ibiza, how I never thought I’d visit you… But, after two rounds of Magaluf it was time to upgrade and go even more hardcore before it was too late and we were too old.

Now I did go nearly two years ago, but I presume the premise is still very much the same – partying all day and all night, watching sunsets, and generally staring death in the face because your body just can’t take it.

The idea of Ibiza never really took my fancy, but I can safely say it was one of the best holidays I’ve ever had and I genuinely loved every minute of it – it was also completely worth getting the sack for too…

So here is my Ibiza guide:

1. Pick a sensible holiday duration

We opted for four days and I’m glad we did – it was just enough to do all of the things we wanted to do, manage our time so that we were alert enough to see daylight, and leave the island on a high before our livers gave up and we desperately wanted to go home.

Ibiza Guide 1

2. See daylight

Most people venture out to Ibiza purely for the night-time antics – and you know, that’s perfectly fine. But if you can, don’t spend the days in bed recovering. Actually get up and go to the beach or for a walk, there’s some truly stunning sights and it’s always amusing to watch a group of girls with rollers in their hair and fake eyelashes on just for sunbathing…True story.

Ibiza Guide 2

3.  Watch the sunset at Cafe Mambo

Partying aside, the only thing I knew about Ibiza was that I had to witness the sunset at Cafe Mambo. Now, I’m all for a good sunset, but nothing could prepare me for what I encountered. It was almost like a compulsory tradition that everyone on the island gathered on the rocks to watch what is essentially a normal, daily occurrence. But it is completely breath-taking and as the sun finally disappears, you can’t help but join in on the applause. Magical.

Ibiza Guide 3

4. Pre-book the clubs

We pre-booked tickets to Pacha and Space to ensure our places and to avoid getting ripped off by illegitimate street sellers. Now, in all honesty, this was the part I was least looking forward to – but it was worth the money. Walking into Pacha was like stepping into Narnia – a different world. There were girls dancing in giant martini glasses and mermaids knocking about in the corner. A shot of tequila may have been €10 but you know, when in Rome… Space was exactly the same except we got to see Fatboy Slim (this excited me more than I ever realised it would). I’d definitely recommend visiting at least two of the clubs Ibiza has to offer, purely for the real experience.

Ibiza Guide 4

5. Go to Bora Bora beach

Located in Playa den Bossa, Bora Bora beach is unbelievably gorgeous and well worth a visit. We hopped in a taxi as we were quite a way out, but you can get on a bus – we only decided against it because our collective sense of direction leaves a lot to be desired (we are the girls who came home from a night out in Liverpool and ended up in London). That aside, I’m not normally a beach fan, but Bora Bora was beautiful and the calm side of Ibiza.

Ibiza Guide 5

6. Get spray-painted 

Along with the vast array of clubs and the strip, there is also the Zoo Project – where everyone gets to run amuck in an abandoned zoo (yes, really). But before you head to the Zoo, there’s the chance to get spray-painted like an animal (which may have been one of the only reasons I agreed to go to Ibiza)… It doesn’t take very long and everyone else has it done so you won’t look out of place – it is, however, a complete sod to get off but two showers and half a pack of baby wipes do the trick.

7. Live it up

Just make the most of it – Ibiza is an amazing place. You can head to the strip, dance the night away and get an abundance of alcohol for €5 while falling in love with a Scottish guy in KFC, or you can visit the most notorious clubs in the world and experience the essence of Ibiza. Either way, enjoy it. I can safely say, one of the happiest moments of my life took place in Ibiza – we bumped into our boy mates on our first night, and after some karaoke, we walked to the beach and sat, lined up on a wall all together watching the sunrise – amazing.

Happy travelling!

– love, Stef x

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