The Bucket List

My time has come to turn 25 *sob* and with depressing birthday celebrations approaching, it got me thinking about what I really want in life.

I have always had a “Bucket List” of things I generally wanted to achieve/do, or places I wanted to visit, and as depressed as I am with my life sometimes, upon reflection I ain’t done so bad.

The first half of my bucket list, and the things I have successfully achieved, are:

  • Get a degree in Journalism
  • Stand on top of the Empire State Building
  • See the Sistine Chapel for myself
  • Buy a bottle of Chanel in Paris
  • Learn to drive
  • Work for a magazine
  • Party on the White Isle (Ibiza to me and you…)
  • Learn to swim
  • Start a blog that has actual readers :-p

Not too bad really, but here are the things I want to do next, and they’re not completely out of reach:

Own a classic designer pair of shoes, aka Christian Louboutin

425 netaporterScuba dive the Great Barrier Reef


See in the New Year in Sydney


Live in another country…


…and have some lovely expensive luggage for the trip

samsonite 379Since I can choose anywhere, I want a kickass apartment in Manhattan


Where I will write a New York Times bestselling novel


…which will be the perfect stepping stone to start my very own magazine


Once that has become uber successful, I want to travel the world and see the Northern Lights


and live in paradise for a much needed break…

paradise…before partying in Rio


I will then return to the UK and own this bad boy, which happens to feature in my all time favourite movies…


Then somehow, magically, I will meet, interview, and marry James Bourne. And as you can see in this picture, that there stood next to my future husband is co-editor of this blog, Ms Keeling. Who interviewed him, and stood so close they were touching in this pic. AND I WASN’T EVEN INVITED. Not that I’m bothered, but you know, he doesn’t even know I exist. And there she is. Look at her, right next to him and everything. #BadFriend


There is my ideal life, in pictures. Some of it is do-able, the best bits, probably not so much, but a girl can dream… right?

– love Carla x

*EDITOR’S NOTE: I was actually enjoying writing this, until I got to the last point, and now I’m quite depressed. I should also take this opportunity to apologise to my darling boyfriend, soz babe, but we both know you’d pick Mila over me.*

*CO-EDITOR’S NOTE: Sorry Carla, in my defence I did mention you to him before being completely overwhelmed at standing next to my future husband, Danny.*


Beauty Wish List

I like fashion (I say fashion, I mean shoes), but I’m a beauty girl at heart. Some females may coo at dresses and handbags – I get my kicks from a good lipstick.

So, here is my beauty wish, want, need list:

Beauty Wishlist

Real Techniques Collection // Estee Lauder Aries Zodiac Compact // Chanel Rouge Noir Nail Varnish // Lush Vanillary Gift Set // Mac Ruby Woo Lipstick  //  Bumble and Bumble Spray Chalk in Cobalt

What’s on your beauty wish list?

– love Stef x