Unless you were living under a rock this weekend, you would have undoubtedly seen the Twitter (and then the whole Internet/world) meltdown thanks to one photo of a dress.

Said dress was seen as either white and gold, or blue and black, and the answer divided opinion, split up families and triggered wars (slight exaggeration)…

As for me, well all I can see is white and gold – the only time I’ve seen blue and black is when I’ve looked at the actual dress on its website.

Momma Keeling saw white and gold the first time and then blue and black the second, which has led her to believe she is now some sort of special, The Shining-esque human.

Big Les and the boyf. meanwhile, decided to annoy mankind by declaring the dress was obviously blue and black, that I was of course colour blind (while they were superior beings), and that the whole thing was ridiculous.

Which it indeed was.

But, just to settle the debate, here’s a selection of both blue and black dresses, and white and gold for you to peruse, because really – who cares?!

– love Stef x