School daze

Okay, so I spend a lot of my time daydreaming.

You know the sort of daydreams, where you come up with ridiculously unrealistic scenarios in your head and you just wish you could live it. Now I am at an age where I sit daydreaming about times that have passed, things I’d have done differently, and things I still hope to do.

When I was younger, my head wasn’t so away with the fairies as it is now. I lived in the moment if you like. I communicated with the people around me, enjoyed the long hazy days of summer, made new friends, lost old ones.

I still feel your teenage years are the best, it’s a time to be stupid, creative, make decisions and then change your mind. I almost feel sorry for the kids now, thanks to technology they can’t have the enjoyment of using their brains.

At school they have their phones glued to them, and yes I understand the need for safety so parents know where their kids are, but where’s the safety when an 11-year-old gets mugged for an iphone? Get them a 3310 and be done with – it serves its purpose without them becoming heavily reliant on it.

(Any of the younger generation reading this, a 3310 is an indestructible mobile phone, you’ll probably find one in a museum.)

And it’s not just the kids’ brains that are fried, they get away with a lot less thanks to technology – and I can’t help but feel sorry for them. Things are much more regimented now than when they were when I was in school. Gone are the times when you can skip French and doss at your mates house to watch Cartoon Network.

Now parents get a text if their child isn’t in a class. I’d merely be told off three days later by my tutor, who I fondly remember used to say: “Just don’t do it again, petal.”

Kids can’t even get creative with excuses anymore, “My friend was having an asthma attack in the toilet” was a common one, now what do they say, “I was charging my phone in the science lab.”?

As I got older you didn’t need so many excuses, and by the time I got to Year 11 they didn’t even try and make you go to your class, just as long as you weren’t disrupting anyone else they would leave you to it.

Many a maths class would be spent in one of the “sound proof” music rooms pretending to do coursework for all intents and purposes.

But kids with smartphones? I mean really? We all had mobile phones in school – I’m not that old – but kids seem to have lost the ability to put pen to paper. Do they not realise passing notes is fun?

We used to send the odd text to our mate in a different class but that’s about it, the phone was literally used as a phonebook, and only came to life once the last bell went.

Now you see them all huddled in groups playing Candy Crush or whatever other rubbish is free in the App Store at break time.

I fear the kids of today won’t be able to look back on fond memories like I am able to, they just don’t know how to have fun anymore.

They don’t use their imaginations and they barely look up from a screen long enough to acknowledge you. And these kids are our future. 

There is something innocently beautiful about having your head in the clouds, and I fear that the kids are just plain missing out.

I vote we ban kids from having smartphones, and issue them all with an old school Nokia.

Bring back the daydreamers!

– love Carla x