Mani Monday #11

Welcome to Mani Monday! This weeks post is bought to you by our special guest blogger, Clare. She is equally as beauty obsessed as we are, and well, she loves a killer mani!

As of last week Models Own had a 6 for £20 offer on their products in Boots and well, who could refuse? Lots of my girlfriends have recommended their nail polish to me and although I’ve already got a few, I ‘ve been dying to try out the new HyperGels released earlier this month.

So far I have to say I’m impressed! Even though the selection of colours is limited to ten, they cover a range to suit everyones taste. The most exciting part for me is the Blue Glint colour, which is my ultimate favourite colour, but as it’s St Patrick’s day I just had to go with Turquoise Gloss – the greenest of them all.

Back to why they impress me. Firstly, they look like a professional gel! You have the mega-shine and the smoothness of a salon paint job. Although it needs two to three coats for even application, it dries without imperfection!

Secondly, the drying time is pretty quick. I’m used to taking an hour out of my day to give my nails drying time (usually on the couch while The Voice is on because my saturdays are that exciting). Shortly after painting I decided to “test” them with a bag of prawn crackers and as you can see in the photos there are no smudges or imprints! Though still slightly tacky for a time after, they are dry to the touch.

All in all, I’d suggest you get to boots and buy yourself a bottle! Especially if you find your nails don’t last long before chipping. The only downside is the brush applicator and the fact that you need to apply two coats for an even look.

I couldn’t resist a small clover to finish off the St Patrick’s Day theme . To create the flower I used a toothpick and a fine paint brush trimmed down. The toothpick also comes in handy while to help clean away any varnish around the cuticle to keep a clean professional look.

– Happy St Patrick’s Day! Love, Clare x