Music Monday #4

A week after International Women’s Day, we celebrated the most important women in our lives – our mommas.

So, to pay tribute to the mothers everywhere (with a special shout out to the amazing Momma Regan and Momma Keeling), here’s your Music Monday the Mother’s Day edition:

Mama: Genesis

Your Mother Should Know: The Beatles

The Best Day: Taylor Swift

Mama’s Song: Carrie Underwood

Mama: Spice Girls

Mother: Blondie

Let It Be: The Beatles

Miss Jackson: OutKast

– love Stef x

Music Monday #3

March 8th was International Women’s Day, so it’s only right that this week’s Music Monday is dedicated to the females who make the soundtracks to our lives:

Beyonce: Crazy in Love (Fifty Shades of Grey OST)

The Pretty Reckless: Heaven Knows

En Vogue: Don’t Let Go (Love)

Salt-N-Pepa: Push It

Shakespeare’s Sister: Stay

Spice Girls: Say You’ll Be There

Girls Aloud: Sound of the Underground

Dolly Parton: Jolene

Kate Bush: Hounds of Love

Pat Benatar: Heartbreaker

– love Stef x

Spratt Says: Do sporty girls take it too far?

kieran sprattEven though Sporty Spice was everyone’s least favourite member of the Spice Girls, there’s nothing wrong with a girl that likes to take care of her general well-being by eating well and exercising.

But, at the same time there’s nothing attractive about a girl who keeps banging on about the gym either. Unless you’re a professional fitness model or a bodybuilder, there’s no reason for you to think that anyone would care.

There has to be balance.

It’s the same for men too; it’s okay to maybe post a Facebook status here and there saying you’ve just got back from the gym or that you’re knackered etc, but some people go way too far.

I saw this moronic gem the other day:

“Finally experienced what hell is like, that moment when you go to have your protein shake but realise you have no milk and have to use water…. this is what nightmares are made of….”

Really puts war and poverty into perspective doesn’t it?

I’d say that if you count swapping water for milk as one of life’s biggest problems, then you’re probably doing alright for yourself.

If I was with a girl that acted in a similar way to that, I’d have to seriously re-evaluate things because it sounds like I’d be with the most dull woman on the planet.

If I had the choice between a woman who enjoyed McDonalds here and there and some sort of Terminator woman who only drank protein shakes – I’d choose the Big Mac every time.