Fiji: Castaway Island (Monuriki)

Another popular excursion available at Matamanoa Island Resort aside from scuba diving is the visit to nearby Castaway Island, known locally as Monuriki Island. Made famous by Tom Hanks, the tiny island didn’t disappoint.

Obviously a lot of post production editing went on in the movie, since the island is set in a group of three or four very close islands, and not quite in the middle of the sea as it was supposed to be. And, for those that are geographically challenged (Keeling), it is nowhere near the Caribbean.

IMG_1703 copy

So we came ashore on the same beach Tom first appeared on in the movie:

IMG_1719 copy

Tom Hanks In 'Cast Away'

IMG_1734 copy

It was beautiful. If we didn’t already feel like we were in paradise, we did now!

Our very kind guide Ben took us on a short tour of the tiny island, and pointed out a few key areas we saw in the movie.

IMG_1724 copy


Then we set off with the free snorkel gear to have another go with the new camera,

IMG_1755 copy

The settings were a tad off to begin with…

IMG_1775 copy

But we chased some fish anyway.

IMG_1783 copy

IMG_1788 copy

And this little guy taunted us, and followed us until we snapped his picture.

snorkelling fish fiji cast away tom hanks

We had one more stroll around the island before heading back to the boat.

castaway island fiji tom hanks location

Not before finding one very important and crucial guy… WILSON!!

Wilson, cast away island, fiji

Apparently when they finished filming, Tom Hanks left the real Wilson tied to a rock. Inevitably it (he?) came free and floated to one of the nearby inhabited islands, where a local boy in the village kept a hold of it!

monuriki fiji cast away tom hanks

Our time in Fiji was amazing, we only had four days but we will definitely be back. Until next time!

– love Carla x