SJP: Fifty and fabulous

SJP at 50

It probably comes as no surprise that my ultimate inspiration is Sarah Jessica Parker, and on 25 March, my idol turned the big 5-0.

Hard to believe really, and although this incredible woman has had to compete with an alter ego that has somewhat overtaken her, my affinity with SJP does actually go beyond Carrie Bradshaw.

From playing Annie on Broadway, dating Robert Downey Jr (*drool*) and luring children to their deaths in Hocus Pocus, to marrying Ferris Bueller, introducing the world to Cosmopolitans and creating her own shoe collection – SJP is my favourite female.

So, happy 50th birthday Sarah Jessica Parker – here’s to the next 50.

– love Stef x

Things I’m Loving #2

Things I'm Loving 2

1. Bloglovin’ app – I was at uni when I first became aware of blogs and bloggers and blogging, and it was through Bloglovin’ that I discovered my favourites. This site also helped me massively in my first two jobs as a PR and an SEO. The app is the perfect handy tool for catching up with your favourite blogs on the go – I’m (blog)lovin’ it (sorry).

2. Lush The Godmother & Rockstar Soap Stack – yes I’m a bit of a Lush lover, but when I saw this duo I actually squealed. In the store. In front of people. I have wanted both of these soaps for ages but have just never quite gotten around to buying. But, the clever people at Lush have put them together in a stack which is now sat in my room. Being looked at. And smelled. A lot (not sorry).

3. Charlotte Tilbury – another YouTube obsession is Charlotte Tilbury. Her how-to videos are amazing and her products are divine. They’ve made their way to the top of my wish/want/need list, but for now I’ll have to make do with drooling over the tutorials – if you love beauty, you should definitely check Charlotte out. Elizabeth Taylor, Brigitte Bardot and Victoria Beckham’s gorgeous Allure cover are all recreated for your viewing pleasure.

4. River Island Gold Asymmetric Slip Dress – I heart a good ol’ sale and River Island never disappoints. This beautiful dress was just £15, (down from £45), and is very reminiscent of the dress worn by Teresa Palmer in my favourite film, Take Me Home Tonight. With a hen do coming up, this could be the outfit I’d been looking for.

5. Sex and the City – thanks to daily TV reruns, my love for Carrie Bradshaw and the girls has once again taken over. The outfits, the shoes, New York and more importantly, Berger. I loved Berger, and of all the SATC men, he is my absolute favourite. If there wasn’t a Big, I definitely feel like Berger should’ve been The One. And yes, I’m completely dismissing Aidan (bleurgh).

6. Greek yogurt & honey breakfasts – this month I’m making the conscious effort to get myself in shape. Eating will consist of healthy foods and I’ll be partaking in that strange thing known as exercise. I’ll be swapping brews and prosecco for green tea and water, and to kickstart my days, I’ll be chowing down on the delight that is Greek yogurt and honey (no sarcasm). It’s actually incredibly nice and does fill you up – if you want to be even more rock ‘n’ roll, you can add granola.

7. Real Techniques Brow Brush – by now it’s become apparent that I enjoy everything Pixiwoo/Real Techniques-related. The brow brush is something that has fallen in and out of favour, but I’m currently in a brush and eyeshadow mood for brows, so this is the tool I’ve been reaching for. The angled bristles are perfect for creating a defined brow and it’s extremely easy to use – win.

– love Stef x

Love, relationships & dating: What I’ve learnt so far…

So it happened. I turned 25 and technically at my age and current romantic status, I’m somewhat classed as ‘on the shelf’ – oh goody.

Having said that, as a newly single person I’ve been thrown into the ‘Dating Game’ without really having any prior knowledge or experience – constantly being in relationships for nearly a decade leaves you slightly lacking on what is the social norm.

But, through my relationships and recent singledom I have so far learnt the following things:

1. Teenage relationships/first loves are generally psychotic

My first actual relationship was at age 17 with a lad I met on a summer’s day through mutual college friends. Hormones were rife, drama was daily and the easiest way to sum the year-long partnership up is simply, psychotic. One day said lad promptly disappeared without us having actually broken up – technically we’re still together, 8 years going strong.

2. Telling people you dated your boss gives the wrong impression

Even if you were only a Christmas temp, worked together for a mere eight weeks and were a couple for five years – despite all of these factors, people will immediately assume you’re that kind of girl…

3. Parents can get a little too involved

It’s always nice when your parents approve of your boyfriend, it makes life easier. My parents, however, got what I can only describe as ‘attached’ to a particular ex – so much so that even though we’d broken up, he remained living with us for a further five months. #Awkward.

4. Accidental homewrecking happens

That sounds worse than I intended, but bear with me. Both of my more recent exes were in relationships when I met them, and though I certainly didn’t have anything to do with either of them while they were with their respective partners, not everyone you meet will always be single.

Dating Game

5. Just do what feels right at the time

I’d known my last boyfriend for seven years before we finally got together. Two months into the relationship, I moved out of my parents house and into my own flat – with the boyfriend in tow. Everyone thought it was mental and far too fast, and maybe it was, but at the time it worked and we both wanted to – so why not? There isn’t a life blueprint we’re supposed to follow, so as far as I see it, do what you want.

6. Work and pleasure don’t mix

Ever. Unless you both know exactly what you a) want, and b) are doing, do not do it. Although you’re never really meant to regret anything in life (everything is a lesson, blah blah) we all make mistakes. But seeing said mistake everyday from 9 to 5 is not what you want.

7. Dating is not like Sex and the City…or any other TV show or film

There’s no closet filled with designer clothes that you get to model night after night, from one swanky bar to the next. There certainly isn’t an unlimited supply of Jimmy Choos or Louboutins and there most definitely isn’t a swarm of handsome Prince Charmings waiting to woo you.

8. Sitting in your pants eating Pringles and watching Netflix is frowned upon

When you’re in a relationship, staying in and watching telly is socially acceptable. When you’re single, it’s considered a little sad. Apparently I should be ‘putting myself out there’ and letting my friends who are in relationships live through me as I recount my dating escapades. But all I really want to do is sit in my pants of an evening, feast on Pringles and watch everything on my Netflix list.

9. Men and women can never be ‘just friends’

As demonstrated here. The naive amongst us will inevitably experience what is apparently known as a ‘classic smash and pie’ by someone you thought was a) a friend, and b) genuine. Pick yourself up, learn from it and above all, never let it happen again. Men are never in it for the friendship and the sooner you discover that, the easier (and shittier) the world becomes.

10. Be happy

The most important thing I’ve learnt in the last ten years is that you should always put your happiness first. I know that I deserve to be happy regardless of my romantic status. I was in a relationship and I was happy – as soon as I wasn’t and I knew it couldn’t be fixed, I got out of it. I’m single, and although I have no idea what I’m doing, I’m rolling with it. I’m not going to spend this time pining for Mr Right, I’m just going to be happy.

– love Stef x

A single girl’s guide to Valentine’s Day

Yes that is the most pathetic title of a post that has ever been written. But it happened, so get over it and carry on reading – it gets less pathetic, I promise (hopefully).

Now that’s out of the way, this isn’t a feel sorry for yourself kind of post, where I advise you to get a tub of Ben & Jerry’s, a onesie and cry over the beauty that is The Notebook.

Well okay, it sort of is but in a much chirpier sense…

First thing you should know – I haven’t been single since I was 16 so this is all fairly new to me. Secondly, in the nine years that I have been in relationships I’ve only celebrated two Valentine’s Day-type activities.

Why? Because I was forced to do so even though I despise said day and find it extremely sickly.

But, as a newly single woman approaching the grand old age of 25, this Valentine’s Day I’m having a slight Sex and the City movie moment (you know the one – Carrie and Miranda celebrate it together because they’ve been scorned by their men and it’s Valentine overload – hearts and shit everywhere).

So, even though I have ignored this ‘holiday’ for nearly a decade, the world seems intent on feeling the love. And this is how I’ll be dealing with it:

1. Attempt to ignore it – ‘attempt’ being the operative word. Life was continuing as normal, my ignoring of V-Day was going well, until I got to work. Not the most romantic of places (immoral yes, romantic never), but I was given the task of compiling this week’s playlist and collecting my colleagues favourite love songs – oh goody. Ballads aplenty and lots of gushing about wedding songs etc.

2. Perving on Zac Efron – in all honesty this applies to most days, but on Friday myself and my fellow single friends will go to the cinema and see the (fully naked) delight that is Zac Efron, in his new film – That Awkward Moment. Feel free to have a cheeky perve ahead of Friday:


3Appreciate that life is good – my decade of relationships has taught me that a girl doesn’t need a man to be happy – they’re merely a nice little bonus. Without getting too philosophical, you really do need to love and appreciate yourself before you allow someone else in on the action – have some ‘me’ time, it’s good.

4. Make the most of the cake – now this may not apply to everyone everywhere (although I sincerely hope that it does), but at my workplace on Friday there will be Valentine’s cake. So, regardless of my lack of V-Day beliefs or love interests, I will be eating the cake. Lots of it.

Valentine's Day Guide

So, there is my guide to Valentine’s Day as a singleton – ignore it, perve on hot men, love yourself and eat cake. These simple steps are fool-proof and can be adapted to any type of nonsensical trauma. True story.

Come at me V-Day…

– love Stef x

Hello, lover! Sarah Jessica Parker’s Debut Shoe Collection

So, the wait is nearly over. From February 28 the highly anticipated shoe collection from our fave fashionista, SJP will be available to buy from US department store Nordstrom.

GETTY LUCKY FIRST-LOOK--Sarah-Jessica-Parker-First-SJP-Shoe-Collection

As a huge Sex and the City fan, I am very pleased to hear she has even named a piece after her shoe-loving, Manolo-obsessed character, ‘The Carrie’, which is a nude T-strap sandal heel.

But, my absolute favourite has to be ‘The Diana’, beautiful black pumps inspired by Manolo Blahnik’s “urban shoe myth” the ‘Campari’ Mary Jane style, left.  

Image Getty:Lucky

Her partner in the SJP collection is George Malkemus, longtime CEO at Manolo Blahnik. Obvs. 

During the creative process she used her experience playing Carrie and wearing heels “18 to 20 hours a day on set.”

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Images by Cathy Crawford for

Speaking to last year on her collection, she said: “In a silly way, I think it’s what people have expected of me most because of Carrie Bradshaw. It’s sort of soup to nuts. You put on a shoe and you put on a coat and you wear a bag and, on the outside, when you’re walking down the street, they really can tell the same story about yourself.

“I’ve spent so much time in shoes now. I really feel like I have an advantage… I never took them off, but I wasn’t in pain. I had been a ballet dancer so I don’t know, maybe I prepped my feet with pointe shoes.”

There is something for everyone in the collection, from flats to stiletto, so basically if you’re in your 20s or your 50s – you’re covered.

Having seen the little snippets of the SJP collection, I am rather excited about the launch. My credit card is not.

Unfortunately there isn’t a set date for a UK release as of yet, but hey, that’s what international shipping is for.

What do you think of the first look from the SJP collection?

– love Carla x