Poundworld Beauty: July 2015

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As you are all very aware by now I love a good bargain, so I thought I would share with you my cracking deals once again.

First up, the Elegant Touch fake nails:


I get SO excited when I manage to find these as they retail from £6.99 each, so to get all three for £3 is brilliant!

Next was the Sally Hansen Hard As Nails nylon treatment – this stuff is fantastic for strengthening nails.

I use it as a basecoat and you can really feel the difference. It is something I would pay full price for, its RRP is £4.75 in Boots at the moment, so again for £1 I’m well in!

hard as nails

And finally, probably my favourite part of this haul as I have NEVER seen the full size bottles sell for less than £3 is Aussie Luscious Long Conditioner:


Any female knows how good this stuff is, and the smell is incredible! I did hunt for more bottles or the matching shampoo but to no avail, but again this was an amazing find!

Head on down to Poundworld and grab yourself some serious beauty bargains!

– love Carla x


Mani Monday #24

At the beginning of the year there was a big push for textured nail polish – everything from matte nails to sugar coated. Naturally, my interest was piqued but particularly by feather effect polish.

The first feather effect polish I saw was Nails Inc On The Money Feather Effect polish – which made me think of Van Gogh’s Starry Night – what else could make my nails look like that?

Unfortunately, I never did buy it. However, a few weeks ago I walked into my local Boots and came across Sally Hansen’s Fuzzy Coat. I couldn’t leave without it.

What do I think now? I should have brought Nails Inc.

Firstly, it’s like a glitter polish when applying… It takes some time and thinking to have an even distribution.

Secondly, it sort of melts the base coat, which means it takes time to dry. If you smudge it you can’t save it. You can see from the pics why you need to let it dry completely.

In saying all this, I do love the texture and it’s a great style to use either to highlight one nail, or you can do all nails for a bold look (I recommend 2-3 coats).

I don’t see Van Gogh though, and that’s really where my disappointment stems from.

Have you had much luck with this polish, or can you suggest a better one?

– love Clare x

Mani Monday #3

Welcome to Mani Monday!

This week I wanted to share with you another Primark bargain, by way of a Matte Top Coat, £1 – you don’t get much cheaper than that!

I went through my usual routine of Sally Hansen’s cuticle cream to soften cuticles and aid in gently pushing them back, then use the revitalising growth formula followed by the strengthening base coat.

I then did three very thin layers of the black nail paint, as this helps it to dry quicker and has less chance of smudging – I’m a smudger!

Next I used a layer of Elegant Touch Brush-On Nail Glue, £3.10 from Boots, and apply the gems – which I purchased from Poundland – by using some clear varnish on the end of a cuticle stick to make it tacky so that the gems stick to it.

Gently pushing the gems on to the nail glue, I used the clean side of the cuticle stick to wiggle them about and lined them up before the glue dries.

Finally – the Matte Top Coat – you can see from the pics how good it is, and for £1 you can’t really go wrong. I have never used nail varnish from Primark before, so I thought this would be a good place to start!

I went for rainbow gems as I thought they would really stand out from the black – and they do.

All in all I’m quite impressed, I just hope the top coat lasts longer than a day. I will update this post when it starts to chip.

manicure monday 3

Sally Hansen Cuticle Massage Cream // Sally Hansen Natural Nail Growth Revitalizer // Sally Hansen Continuous Growth Treatment for Natural Nails // Primark Matte top Coat // Barry M Nail Paint in Black

Hope you have a fabulous Monday!

– love Carla x

Mani Monday – Barry M Magenta Glitter

Barry M Sally Hansen Nails

Sally Hansen Cuticle Massage Cream // Sally Hansen Natural Nail Growth Revitalizer // Sally Hansen Continuous Growth Treatment for Natural Nails // Barry M Nail Paint in Magenta Glitter

Welcome to Mani Monday!

This week I’ve gone for a super sparkly pretty pink look.

I always start by cleaning any dirt from my nails – I actually use a toothbrush and whitening toothpaste so my natural nails stay stain free.

Then I rub Sally Hansen Cuticle Massage Cream on to my cuticles to soften them before using an orange stick to gently push them back.

Next I use Sally Hansen Natural Nail Growth Revitalizer to make my nails stronger (nine years of waitressing has ruined my lovely strong nails) as they can become quite brittle and tear easily. I will be posting a tutorial for fixing tears without cutting your nails shortly.

I then use the Sally Hansen Continuous Growth Treatment as a base coat to really strengthen my nails.

Now for the good bit…

I absolutely love love love anything that comes from Barry M, and their nail paint is at the top of my list. They are definitely hard-wearing and are super cheap for such high quality.

Glitter polishes are a pain to get off (tutorial for an a-maz-ing-ly easy way to remove glitter coming soon), but when you have to build up so many layers for the perfect look, it can be even harder, but totally worth it!

Here’s the glitter polish after just one coat, and then the final product after four coats.

Barry M Magenta Glitter nail varnish nail1Barry M Magenta Glitter nail varnish nail

Happy Monday!

– love Carla x