Gym wear review: Skechers Flex Appeal

As you know, SWHH tends to focus on the normal struggles of normal twenty-somethings (well, as normal as myself and Miss Regan can get) and with those struggles comes the constant attempts at maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle.

You’ve read about our juice diets, various 30-day fitness challenges and now the Slimming World journey my co-editor is currently embarking on. As for me, I feel for the first time that I’m very much in a good, controlled and happy place when it comes to my health and fitness.

I’ve managed to find a routine that doesn’t feel like a laborious chore and I’ve changed my diet to accommodate a few things that I never thought it would… Yes people, I’ve boycotted the blue WKD and instead embraced the world of fruit juice *gasp* and even *faint*

That aside, I’ve also stuck to going to the gym four days a week, trimmed my food portions and upped Denver’s walks so we both have a bit more cardio going on – and it’s working. But, because of new said lifestyle, I’ve had to say goodbye to my old gym attire and welcome some new hardcore gym bunny clothing (yes, that sentence just happened).

First up are my new trainers. These are the Skechers Flex Appeal in pink (obvs) and despite not being a girly girl, I absolutely LOVE them!

Feeling like an utterly cool late-90s Britney, I’ve always had a slight soft spot for the American shoe company, although I didn’t know that they actually make damn good trainers.

Yes they’re pegged as a ‘running shoe’ and you all know by now that I ain’t no runner, but in terms of going to the gym and taking the dog out on his walks, these are the most comfortable trainers I’ve ever worn. The memory foam insole is genius, moulding to my feet so that every time I put them on it’s like walking on a pillow and the mesh fabric sends a lovely breeze of fresh air through to keep everything nice and cool.

Skechers Flex Appeal, £58.99, Cloggs

If I were to take up running (and when I wear these, the really ambitious part of me thinks I can) they would definitely be the shoes I would wear. Having abnormally thin feet, I’m also often plagued with the delight that is ‘new shoe blisters’ but they didn’t even fall foul of that fate, which in itself is miraculous.

The saying ‘Cinderella is proof that a pair of shoes can change your life‘, (which I live by FYI), is in this instance true. Looking more the part and feeling unbelievably comfortable have been key to the maintaining of my new regime.

I’m also fairly certain that good ol’ Cinders would be rocking a pair of these beauties if you stumbled across her at the gym…

– love Stef x


The No7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Brush Review

As I am getting older, it has dawned on me that since finding my first few grey hairs (*sob*) I absolutely do not want to grow old gracefully.

I will use what ever lotions and potions I need to in order to stay looking in young. Father Time is a bitch.

Because of this, I have started a whole new face routine. I have been looking into other ways to make my skin glow and with this I came across a No7 manual cleansing brush from Boots and started using that in my routine.

You’ll see in the pics below what I’m talking about, and why I desperately needed an electronic one!

I saw the price of a Clarisonic and wept. That was until Boots put their No7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Brush on SALE! At £24.95 full price I was sold, but then for it to go to £15 – well it just had to happen. I also used a £5 off skincare voucher and actually got it for £10 – bargain!

I read some reviews and some of you may be thinking there’s a reason it’s so cheap – and a lot of bloggers had some not nice things to say about it, but here’s my opinion. IT’S BLOODY BRILLIANT.


Better than the manual one, it’s not too harsh on the skin if you use the slower speed, while the faster speed is perfect for your neck.

I have never used a Clarisonic for comparison, but for that price they can keep it.

I don’t use it every day though and I use Elizabeth Arden’s Visible Difference Exfoliating Cleanser on the days I don’t use the brush.

My skin is soft and not so clogged with make up and dried skin, so I would definitely recommend this brush, especially if you’re on a budget.

I would say I have combination skin – my nose especially gets particularly dry while my forehead gets quite oily, but that is probably down to my fringe – nonetheless it’s oily and it’s a problem.

I genuinely do love the brush and I would absolutely recommend it. And as I said, I paid for this product – it was not a press sample, my opinion is purely mine.

I would love to hear your opinion as everyone is different!

– love Carla x

Urban Decay Naked3: Beauty Review

Urban Decay is one of my favourite brands – I love its creative palettes and high quality products, but I really love its Naked collection.

The much anticipated Naked3 graced us UK folk with its presence on December 16th and I was first in line to collect, and boy am I glad I did.

Urban Decay Naked Collection

Coming in a rose gold tin with an almost ruched effect (to differentiate from the Naked2 packaging), the shadows inside Naked3 are 12 never before seen shades, and who doesn’t love new ways to get Naked?

Okay smutty comments aside, Urban Decay have taken a slight risk with its third instalment of its best-selling palettes. Pink-toned eyeshadows have the somewhat potential to become unwearable as there’s a fine line between complimenting your colouring, and making you look like you’ve been crying your heart out for hours.

The previous Naked shadows were a mixture of warm browns and beiges in a variety of matte, satin and shimmer finishes, but this time, each shade has a rose gold/pink and taupe tone.

Urban Decay Naked Collection Shadows

So what have we got?

There’s a mixture of glitters, shimmers, matte and satin so that a variety of looks can be created as well as offering something for everyone.

If I’m honest, I was dubious as these are colours I’ve never considered wearing. It was more about wanting to own the coveted palette – yes I’m a pathetic person. But I have to say the contents surprised me:

Urban Decay Naked3

Strange – a pale neutral pink matte-satin

Dust – a pale metallic pink shimmer with iridescent micro-glitter

Burnout – light pinky-peach satin

Limit – light dusty rose matte

Buzz – metallic rose shimmer with silver micro-glitter

Trick – light metallic pinky-copper shimmer with tonal micro-sparkle

Urban Decay Naked3

Nooner – medium pinky-brown matte

Liar – medium metallic mauve shimmer

Factory – a pinky-brown satin

Mugshot – metallic taupe shimmer with slight pink shift

Darkside – deep taupe-mauve satin

Blackheart – smoky black matte with rosy red micro-sparkle

Despite my pathetic need to own this palette regardless of whether its offerings are for me, I have to say I really love it. Limit and Nooner are brilliant crease colours and Liar adds a nice bit of sparkle to the lid.

Overall Urban Decay have struck (rose) gold with its latest Naked addition and it’s nice to see the same amazing quality continued without needless repetition.

Urban Decay Naked3 is £37 and available here.

– Love Stef x