Mani Monday #21

This weeks Mani Monday will cost you 50p – that’s right ladies, I hit Primark again, and this had to happen.

Forget nail foils, they take too long, scratch off quite easily (in my experience) and lose the shine after a day. These bad boys, however, keep it strong and don’t look as tacky as you may think.

Okay, so they’re not suitable for work, but they are very cool on a night out, especially if you’re wearing pink or coral tones.

Give them a go, I promise you won’t be disappointed!

– love Carla x

Mani Monday #7

Welcome to Manicure Monday!

Today’s manicure was definitely a bit of a cheat, but at £1 for fake nails, I’m not complaining! As I explained in this post the key here is a good nail glue.

Now, this set does come with nail glue which lasts around 2-3 days, but in that time a few of the nails will pop off. However, if you invest in the Elegant Touch Brush On Nail Glue from Boots, your manicure will last well past a week.

I think they look cute and add a touch of elegance – you really can’t beat a classic french manicure.

The standard length of these nails aren’t too long that they’re unbearable, but not too short that they don’t serve their purpose.

I definitely recommend Primark’s fake nails for a quick-fix, as we all like to feel we have put in more effort than we actually have.

Happy Monday!

– love Carla x

Mani Monday #2

Welcome to another Mani Monday.

This week is a bit of a cheat but I had to share my new fave buy, Primark’s false nails.

At £1 they are an absolute bargain – you may be thinking ‘there’s a reason they’re so cheap…’ and well, you’d be right. The slight let down is the glue that is included in the pack – I can barely pull up my tights after one day without the thumbs popping off!

Solution? Elegant Touch Brush on Nail Glue, £3.10 from Boots is a God-send.

The nails (with the Boots glue) will last a good week before one pops off and that’s coming from me. I’m clumsy and bash away at a keyboard all day.

I love the ombre glitter style, slightly elegant and adds a bit of sparkle to my Monday. I usually go for the french tips, but this is a cute substitute.

As I said, I’m clumsy, and the reason I go for these instead of the real deal is I do have quite strong nails, so when they break they hurt. I cut my nails down too short so these are to protect my nails from chipping at the sides to ensure they grow evenly.

Primark stock plenty of designs from neon pink, plain french tips to lace and glitter. They come in one size which isn’t stupidly long, but they are easily cut and filed if they don’t suit you. So head to Primark and grab a bargain!

love Carla x