Say Anything…

Well if you’re an avid reader of this here blog (and we know that you are) you will know that myself and Miss Keeling are very much into our 80s retro – be it movies, music or the fashion.

We would have given anything to be teenage’s in 1980s America. A simpler time, when men were chivalrous, perms were trendy and DeLoreans could fly (okay, maybe not the last bit).

My view may be somewhat skewed, seeing as though I was born in 1989 in good ol’ England, and my only knowledge is from the movies I have grown up watching.

As I grew into a slightly misguided teen, those movies gave me hope for what my future may hold. And, as this year is the 25th anniversary of one of my favourite movies starring John Cusack, Say Anything, here is everything I have ever wanted, or learned, from the best movies of all time.

1. Say Anything


I want just one guy to blast Peter Gabriel from a boombox outside my bedroom window.

2. Ghost


I hope to love someone with my entire being, so much that they come back to haunt my ass.

3. Pretty in Pink


I really do wish we could start old and grow young. Youth is wasted on the young after all.

4. Back to the Future


I want a DeLorean, a hover board and THE Nikey’s.

5. Top Gun


There is something utterly delicious about a man in uniform – seriously, Goose, Maverick or Iceman will do.

6. Stand by Me


“Suck my fat one” is always an excellent come back.

7. The Breakfast Club


Hate to break it to you kids, but I learnt the hard way – detention in naughties England, NOT like this. I just so wish that it was.

8. Ferris Bueller’s Day off


And skiving off school the day is not as productive as this. We don’t have art galleries, parents with vintage cars nor parades for no apparent reason in Telford. Some of us had to make do with the local park/bus stop.

9. Ghostbusters           


There could potentially be another world with a dark demon literally chillin’ in your fridge. Helps me avoid the midnight snacking…

10. Footloose


Teenagers have no sense of rhythm, and it is very hard to find a bloke to dance with who doesn’t just want to grab some ass.

– love Carla x


The female perspective: Can men and women ever be just friends?

Spratt Says recently threw down the male gauntlet on the million dollar question – can men and women ever be just friends?

Although I cannot and would not attempt to say that my opinion speaks for the whole of womankind, I can give my sole, female perspective.

So, can men and women ever be just friends?

Unfortunately it would seem not. But it’s not as clear-cut as that – I think there are at least five types of male/female friendships:

1. The ‘unrequited love’ – two friends of the opposite sex who spend most of the time together and get on like a house on fire. They’ve probably known each other for a long time, but one of them harbours feelings for the other that are unknown (and always will be) and unreciprocated (more than likely) – think Dawson’s Creek/Pretty in Pink. Nothing can crack this friendship, until one of them gets a significant other that isn’t the friend.

2. The ‘never in the sober light of day’ – not really best friends, but friends nonetheless. This is usually a straight-forward, logical friendship where blunt advice is given, arguments can be had, but they’ve always got each others’ backs. There’s no physical attraction whatsoever even though they get on and know each other pretty well – until they both get absolutely smashed one night and the thought makes a fleeting appearance.

Can men and women be friends

3. The ‘flanter friendship’ – this friendship is based on ‘flanter’ – flirty banter. There’s an attraction and a LOT of flirting with severe immoral undertones, but it’s harmless. They wouldn’t, in theory, turn down the opportunity to have one night of no-strings sex, but in reality, the idea of it rather than the actual doing it is preferred. The flanter friendship, if maintained, can become a solid friendship – but the flirting will always be present.

4. The ‘should be something more’ – the worst of the male/female friendships. These two get on brilliantly, spend time together and joke about taking their friendship to the next level. Others will tell them they are perfect for each other, but the friendship is comfortable as it is. Until it’s not and something happens. Think Some Kind of Wonderful with a 50-50 on the ending – something happens and it’s great, or something happens and it was the biggest mistake ever made.

5. The ‘soulmates’ – the slow-burner of opposite sex friendships. They start out as either each other’s crush or initially dislike each other. They become friends and said friendship blossoms into a BFF situation before they realise they are, in fact, a perfect match – your When Harry Met Sally if you will. Marriage, babies and happily ever after all round.

Although this doesn’t exactly give a definitive answer to the question, to me, men and women can be friends, but never ‘just friends’ – there will always be feelings or thoughts or flirting.

What I do know, is that once you and your friend cross that line, you can never go back. So before you do, make sure it’s worth the risk, because nothing is worse than losing and missing your friend.

– love Stef x