The Pandora Essence Quiz

Pandora - What's Your Essence

Pandora has released a new collection based around charms which ‘reflect your inner values,’ and as part of its marketing campaign, the company has devised a rather clever, personalised quiz.

Dropping into my inbox, I was intrigued by the mechanic of the gimmick – I love my Pandora bracelet and its Essence Collection had already piqued my interest – so I thought I’d give it a go and see what my inner self is all about…

By answering less than ten questions and picking up to three answers, the quiz determines which three attributes out of the collection (honesty, courage, wisdom etc) the participant most strongly represents – and therefore, which charms you should include on your bracelet.

Turns out I’m all about the love. Who knew?!

Pandora What's Your Essence

And to top it off, as well as giving percentages to each attribute, the site also divulges just what exactly each charm you’re matched to means:

Pandora - What's Your Essence

As email campaigns go, I think Pandora has scored a winner with this one and I’d certainly consider buying the charms which the quiz recommended for me.

If you’re anything like me and want to know what results you get (and like seeing your name on screen), you can take the What’s Your Essence quiz here.

– love Stef x