2014: My year in pictures

Another year is near enough done and dusted.

For me, 2014 has been a collection of tremendous lows and tremendous highs.

But instead of making you all cringe with terrible phrases such as ‘it’s been a roller coaster’ or ‘new year, new me,’ I just thought I’d share a few snapshots of my 2014. Enjoy 🙂


New Year’s Eve with Nicci, my partner in crime // Bringing Denver home // Enjoying the Phones 4u afternoon tea


Denver meeting his bestie, George for the first time // Phones 4u girls night out // ReUNIon // Valentine’s Day as a singleton (thanks for the green badge to highlight it, Missoula) // Seeing Queen Bee


We may have gone to Rome…


Turning 25 // A ‘so Content team’ outing // Starting the record collection // Learning to wait for the rainbow after the rain


Being favourited by Joe McFadden (life complete) // Joining the 21st century and getting Netflix and watching The Office // Denv enjoying a random sunny day // Phones 4u night out


A SWHH night out in Manchester to celebrate Carla’s birthday // Download with the best baldie // Another Phones 4u girls night out (with champagne) // Meeting the boyf. and deciding to keep him around // Seeing the Eagles and giving in to the merch


Nicci & Laura’s birthday outing // Taking Momma Keeling to see Rock of Ages // Sampling Absinthe for the first time (and burning myself in the process) // Latitude with the bald one // A Keeling family selfie


The boyf. and Denv getting acquainted // Wedding season begins // My Laura’s hen do in Liverpool // Leeds Festival with Nicci and Beck


Momma Keeling & Big Les’ 25th wedding anniversary // Celebrating Laura’s last weekend of freedom // Losing Phones 4u and the best marketing department you could ever have // Laura & Kieran’s wedding


The final Phones 4u night out and saying goodbye to the greatest Content team // An autumnal Denv // Seeing Maverick Sabre // New job, new adventure


Being cocktail ballers with the boyf. in Manchester // Denv turning 1 // The two favourite males


The boyf. going to Thailand (and surviving) // Celebrating Beck and Sam’s birthdays // SWHH turning 1

So there you have it – my year in pictures. I hope you have all had a wonderful 2014 🙂

– love Stef x


A look at the year passed…

So, 2014 is nearly over. Before we start making promises we can’t keep, let’s take a look at the year that has been and gone.

In last year’s post I made the following promises:

  • I would do Yoga twice a week
  • I would clean my make-up brushes once a month
  • Save lots of pennies for a huge holiday (more on that later!)
  • Eat breakfast more often
  • Eat less cheese

Let’s break it down…

Now it may not seem like a lot, but I am a fan of ‘baby steps’ since there is a reason I have a problem achieving any of the above anyway!

But I am happy to report that I do go to Yoga at least once a week, and a few months ago I did join a gym and go at least three times a week – and have managed to keep that up longer than I ever have (in my 25 years I have joined four gyms and quit/stopped going before any contract has ever been up).

Okay, I still haven’t cleaned my make-up brushes, but that can go on next year’s list – God loves a tryer!

The holiday, oh the holiday! Well, I have been a VERY good girl this year, you may recall that I mentioned both Sydney and the Great Barrier Reef in from my Bucket List post from my birthday. and

Well, with all of the Primark-dodging I have been doing, I managed to save so hard that on December 28 2014, I will be flying to Sydney to see in the New Year, before flying to Hamilton Island to dive the Great Barrier Reef.

Not to mention visiting the little penguins in Melbourne, or staying in a hut on the private island of Mamanuca off the mainland of Fiji! Click here to see exactly why you should all be so jealous.

Next up, breakfast. Well. No. Sorry.

Eating less cheese, however, I have managed! I just don’t eat it with EVERY meal. Sometimes I go a whole day without cheese. Go me!

All in all not a bad year for me, and I am happily ending 2014 20lbs lighter than when the year started *squeal*.

Have you managed to stay on track for a whole year?

What are your New Year resolutions?

love Carla x