Sale: Abbey by Abbey Clancy at Matalan

Abbey by Abbey Clancy at Matalan

It’s no surprise that She Wears High Heels loves a celeb clothing range, and a dress from Abbey Clancy’s first Matalan drop was my 25th birthday outfit (I didn’t morph into the leggy blonde model by wearing it though)…

Now, Abbey’s second collection is here and has finally reached sale prices – and who doesn’t enjoy a good ol’ sale?!

The 26-piece line-up is ‘based around a monochrome palette in a sport luxe style. Featuring mesh textures and crepe fabrics across a range of dresses and coordinating sets.’

Abbey by Abbey Clancy at Matalan

Prices now start at £12, so what are you waiting for? Get your Abbey by Abbey Clancy fix here and save a few pennies.

– love Stef x

Geordie Shore will get me fit…maybe

So, I’ve gone against all my morals (and trust me, I don’t have many) and decided to get fit.

I’ve never been into exercise, I went to Cavewoman twice and Body Toning twice, before deciding that neither hardcore weight-lifting nor moderate-core stretching were really for me.

When I was younger I was very much into my extra-curricular activities – dancing, gymnastics, netball and athletics – but as I got older, I discovered that you can’t eat an entire box of Fab ice lollies (that’s eight frozen delights) and four packets of crisps every afternoon, while maintaining a generally horizontal way of life without getting a little flabby.

The only moving about I do nowadays is a 40 minute walk every evening once I come home from work, so it’s safe to assume (given my staple diet is doughnuts and WKD) that I need a little more work.

One of my only ‘hobbies’ is watching TV, in particular, the sheer genius that is MTV’s Geordie Shore (it really is that good).

I appreciate the no-nonsense approach that Geordies possess, so when Vicky from the show released a fitness DVD, I was, to use the most appropriate phrase, on it like a car bonnet.

Vicky has lost three stone and dropped from a size 16 to a size 6 through a daily ten minute exercise routine – ten minutes. I repeat, ten minutes. Even in my ridiculously unhealthy and unfit state, I’d like to think I could manage ten minutes.

So why the sudden fitness epiphany?

The aim: I’m not getting any younger and a good metabolism is definitely no longer a given. While I don’t have any particular desire to lose any weight, I’d just like to be more…toned.

I also made the mistake of buying a dress from Matalan which turned out to be from the Abbey Clancy range (and I ain’t Abbey Clancy).

Abbey Clancy Sequin Bodycon Dress

The sequin bodycon dress is beautiful, but as the great Edith Head once said: “Your dresses should be tight enough to show you’re a woman and loose enough to show you’re a lady.”

At the minute, I’m definitely not a lady in the dress. So, wish me luck – I’m going to need it.

– love Stef x