Beauty Haul : Boots 2015


I moved house a few weeks ago, and come the weekend I’d had enough of unpacking/cleaning/tidying. The best way to “blow off steam” and generally procrastinate? Wander the beautifully lit aisles of Boots.

Here’s what I found:

rimmel wake me up foundation and concealer

Rimmel’s Wake Me Up Foundation and Concealer. I know every blogger worth her salt has already talked about this, but I had to throw in my two cents. So I’ll break it down:

My Skin: is generally dry and flaky around the mouth, chin and forehead. Just for funsies, the areas under my eyes a cheeks can get a little greasy. I have teenager skin. I’m 25. I also wear glasses which means generally any product I use cakes around the bridge of my nose where my glasses sit, so I was after something that could tackle all of these issues as well as generally even my skin tone and lose the mahoosive bags I currently sport under my eyes.

Verdict: WHY HAVEN’T I USED THIS BEFORE?!?! Seriously though, the concealer goes on a dream (I use this concealer brush from Wilko) and the foundation is just stunning. The shade I used is Classic Beige – for both items. It doesn’t cake and it really does stay all day. It buffs on very well with the stippling brush from the Real Techniques Core Collection. I am officially a convert! The foundation is currently on offer, original price is £8.99 but there is £3 off selected Rimmel products in store and online. The concealer is £5.49 – I highly recommend both of these products!

Next I thought I would try a new face powder, so I picked up this Flawless Matte Powder from Barry M.

The shade I use is medium, which really does compliment the foundation. Again, no cakeyness and it goes on with a lovely matte finish.

17 gel eyeliner

I was after a nice gel liner as I do like to sport a cat eye a lot of the time. I found this from Seventeen cosmetics and again, there is currently an offer of buy one get second half price, so I thought the Smoulder Gel Eyeliner teamed with a mascara would be the way to get the best bargain, but I have yet to use this yet so I will report back if I like it!

 The Falisifeye HD Mascara is definitely up there as one of my absolute favourite high street mascaras. I don’t know why I haven’t tried this before, but this is definitely going on my re-purchase list! It has a plastic wand that distributes the product evenly, it doesn’t flake or smudge and lasts all day. And, the most important thing for me, it doesn’t sting my eyes! I have very sensitive eyes and can only use certain mascaras as a result. This is amazing stuff and I highly recommend it!

barry m plumpy topcoat

The last purchase in my little haul is the new Plumpy Topcoat from Barry M. Well, what can I say? I am fairly certain I single-handedly keep them in business. I own every single colour. It’s an addiction. This topcoat does exactly what it says, and a Mani Monday will be coming your way over on our Instagram page – so keep your peepers peeled!

The product goes on lovely and lasts, I think Barry M have the secret formula to perfect nails without a salon price.

Well that’s my little haul, if there is anything you would like more details on please leave a comment below, or if you have any of your own favourites to share please do – we love an excuse to shop!

– love Carla x


Benefit They’re Real! Mascara: Beauty Review

I am a major fan of Benefit cosmetics. I seriously mean huge, it broke my heart when they discontinued Moon Beam, I am literally saving the last bit I have for a special occasion. You know, like when Ryan Gosling finally realises he needs to make babies with me, that sort of thing…

I have seen many a beauty review on this mascara, and surprisingly to me, they have been somewhat mixed, so I thought I would throw my two cents in.

lashes 1

lashes 2 Benefit They're Real Mascara

At £19.50 I didn’t really want to use it as an everyday mascara – this girl’s on a budget – but I just see it sitting there every morning, and can’t help myself.

I have dark eyes, and naturally black lashes, so I really look for volume and thickness to frame my eyes. I have been wearing black eyeliner around my eyes since the tender age of 14 – a necessity I feel – because when I don’t wear eyeliner I look somewhat anemic. This is to the point where my colleagues ask if I feel okay, to which my response is “I’m fine, just no eyeliner today!”

lashes 3

lashes 4 Benefit They're Real mascara

When I wear this mascara however, with NO eyeliner whatsoever, no one comments on my ill looking eyes – not a peep. It glides on so thick, but not gloopy, and frames my eyes just perfectly so it’s not too over the top for my office job.

The wand is curved with spikes at the end making it easier to really get in to the corners. And the best bit? It doesn’t smudge or flake. Not even a tiny bit.

I must admit sometimes, on the rare occasion I do go to bed and forget to wipe off my makeup (I know what a rebel!) I must tell you that this stuff doesn’t even budge, and I have white pillowcases!

If you haven’t got this mascara yet, I strongly recommend you stop what you’re doing and rectify the situation immediately.

I hope this helps! What are your thoughts on “the UK’s best selling mascara”?

– love Carla x