The 25th Birthday Wish List

In three weeks I’ll reach the rather upsetting milestone that is 25 – a quarter of a century if you will. Halfway to 50. Nearer to 30 than 18… I’m super excited, can you tell?

While I cry in the corner and attempt to get my head around the fact that I am ageing more rapidly than I’d like, take a look at my birthday wish list:

25th Birthday Wish List

Anna Lou of London Rose Gold Personalised Name Necklace // River Island Collar Skater Dresses // Estee Lauder Aries Zodiac Powder Compact // Marc Jacobs ‘The Lolita’ Eyeshadow Palette // River Island Black Leather Biker Jacket // River Island Beige Satchel // River Island Rose Gold Metallic Platform Sandals // River Island Black Buckle Chelsea Boots // River Island Beige Classic Mac // River Island Rose Gold Slinky Tassel Necklace //

What would you have for your 25th birthday?

– love Stef x

Christmas Goodies

Okay, so Christmas may have been a few weeks ago now, but we are still super excited about some of the goodies Santa felt we deserved.

We were a tad spoiled this year as you can see from our loot, but it also brings the debate of the rose gold watch: Who does it better, Marc Jacobs or Michael Kors?

What team are you on?

– love Carla #TeamMarc & Stef #TeamMichael x