Mani Monday #15

After ruining my nails mid-week, I have forced the world to see my bare naked nails due to lack of time – unfortunately I have gained an unhealthy obsession with Video Game High School (VGHS), a Youtube series that needs no more explanation then the title.

So it’s no surprise that I unknowingly took inspiration from the show for this week’s Mani Monday!

I have been dying to get my chevron on for awhile, I even bought a fresh roll of masking tape for the occasion… like three months ago.

Finally I finished season two of VGHS and could put some time into nails. It may have been coincidence that I chose the two colours of VGHS as my nail paint, however, I love blue and I bought the yellow a few weeks back and have been trying to work it into a design since.

If I could I would have painted the chevron on top of the main colour using tape as a guide. Sadly the yellow is a opaque paint and requires numerous layers so if I had done this it would have been green!

I simply cut out the chevrons from the masking tape (pre-nail paint to save from smudges).

After painting on my yellow base coat, I very carefully added the masking tape to each nail and topped with a coat of blue.

When it comes to removing the masking tape the internet usually says to wait until the varnish has dried. Regrettably, in my case the top colour was a thick varnish that would take forever to dry so instead I removed it as soon as I painted to avoid a stringy sticky mess.

I would advise choosing a quick and thin drying varnish to save the pain.

My lines aren’t perfect but I’ll be supporting VGHS all week as I eagerly and not so patiently wait for the third season.

– love Clare x

Mani Monday #13

Welcome to another Mani Monday!

I saw this design on Nailap, a great iPhone app for people to post their nail pictures and get inspired by others. So, yes I may have stolen this design but that’s never stopped us before!


Today I began with catching up on Hawaii Five-O, a thriller cop drama with the sexy Alex O’Loughlin, so I have entertainment while it’s drying time.

I started with a cream base colour, applying two – three coats to ensure good coverage, which I believe helps when it comes to chipping.

Once the base coat had dried and I’d had my fill of beautiful Hawaiian surfers, I started on the leaves. Now, if you have done ombre nails then you’ll be familiar with using a makeup sponge, if not then go find your supply or head to your local store and get some because they make nail art so much more fun – but more importantly easier!

I dipped back into my nail varnish collection for a coral orange and a red but for a spring/summer look you could always opt for a green. Using the sponge, I dabbed the colour to form a circular shape in the centre of the nail.

All that’s then left to do is the silhouette of the tree trunk/branches. I used a basic black colour and a fine paint brush but if you have a nail art pen in black that would be perfect too!

I started with one line from the tip of the nail and curved it to the centre before adding the branches. Finish off with a top coat once everything is dry as you don’t want it to smudge.

And there you have it, cute and just a little bit different!

– love Clare x

Mani Monday #7

Welcome to Manicure Monday!

Today’s manicure was definitely a bit of a cheat, but at £1 for fake nails, I’m not complaining! As I explained in this post the key here is a good nail glue.

Now, this set does come with nail glue which lasts around 2-3 days, but in that time a few of the nails will pop off. However, if you invest in the Elegant Touch Brush On Nail Glue from Boots, your manicure will last well past a week.

I think they look cute and add a touch of elegance – you really can’t beat a classic french manicure.

The standard length of these nails aren’t too long that they’re unbearable, but not too short that they don’t serve their purpose.

I definitely recommend Primark’s fake nails for a quick-fix, as we all like to feel we have put in more effort than we actually have.

Happy Monday!

– love Carla x

Mani Monday #6

Welcome to another Mani Monday!

I am so very excited to bring you this week’s post, as it required a huge amount of effort – and I’m not going to lie – I feel pretty smug about the results.

It took a lot of patience, but I feel it was worth it.

So, here is how I did my leopard print mani:

Using No 7’s Nail Varnish in Beanie as the main browny colour, I then opted for Barry M’s Pink Glitter as a nice contrast on the ring finger – and as you can see, they contrast well as the spots.

After three layers of each, I randomly dotted the varnish on to each nail, and let it dry thoroughlyit’s very important it’s completely dry before you continue the next step.

Once it’s all dry, carefully use your black nail art pen (or in my case a Poundworld special with an extra long brush – making being precise SO much harder) to outline the spots on either side, but not completely.

You can also add small black spots if you have some odd gaps to make it look a little more leopard-y.

Finally, let the varnish dry properly before sealing with a topcoat or the black will smudge and seriously ruin all of your hard work!

Et voila – You now have fabulous nails!

– love Carla x

Mani Monday #5

It’s Monday, you know what that means…Another Mani Monday!

This week I went a little girly and had a pink mani with the prettiest glitter for the ring finger, and for once, there is NO Barry M nail paint AT ALL. Not one bit. – I do like to be a rebel sometimes…

So this post is dedicated to Collection 2000, No 7 and erm… Asda glitter.

Basically I love glitter and as gorgeous as some glitter polishes can be, nothing quite does it like actual glitter.

Just look at how pretty.

So here’s how:

After cleaning, priming, and base-coating, I used the pale pink from Collection 2000 (I’m unsure of the shade as it’s faded) and painted 3 thin layers to get a good coverage and no smudging.

For the ring finger I used my favourite base coat – Sally Hansen’s Continuous Growth Treatment – and while it’s still sticky, sprinkle the glitter on and gently push it in so it really sticks.

Next I used the No 7 Glitter Top Coat as it is very close to the colour of the glitter, and adds some depth to the shine. You could also use this as a top coat over the pink as it is a very subtle glitter, but I really wanted the ring finger to stand out.

Buying a pack of glitter comes in handy for your nails, especially at Christmas, as you can really make them stand out.

I hope you have a fabulous Monday!

– love Carla x

Mani Monday #4

Welcome to Mani Monday!

Now, today is supposed to be the most miserable day of the year. It’s cold, we’re all tired, and well… it’s Monday. But that is no excuse to have fancy nails! So here is my attempt at some budget velvet nails.

I purchased the velvet pots from Poundland, so I thought I’d team it with my favourite Barry M Navy Nail Paint.

Here’s how to do it:

First clean, scrub, soften and protect your natural nails and have a decent base coat.

Then add two thin layers of your chosen colour nail polish and let them dry thoroughly.

Finally, put on a nice layer of your top coat, and whilst it’s still wet sprinkle the velvet over your nail, and gently press it in so it sticks. I used the plastic tray that the pots came in to catch all the waste, it gets messy!

Et voilà! Here is the finished product:

navy velvet nails

Whatever you do, DO NOT drop the velvet pot with the lid off. This happens:

Poundland velvet nail pots mess

It’s no fun cleaning up, so be careful!

– love Carla x