Mani Monday #20

Welcome to another Mani Monday!

I’m still resisting the blue and trying to get into the summer mood with this subtle free-hand design. I’m also giving you a glimpse at my right hand!

Everyone asks me about how I paint with my left hand… Well here you can clearly see I can’t! Credit for trying and from a distance its not so bad.

Painting a simple colour is easy enough, just take your time and keep that trusty toothpick nearby to pick out the finer details like I have here.

A steady hand really is key but of course as with everything – practice, practice, practice. Take your time and don’t worry if you make a mistake!

If it’s really bad just start again, it’s not like a tattoo…

– love Clare x


Mani Monday #15

After ruining my nails mid-week, I have forced the world to see my bare naked nails due to lack of time – unfortunately I have gained an unhealthy obsession with Video Game High School (VGHS), a Youtube series that needs no more explanation then the title.

So it’s no surprise that I unknowingly took inspiration from the show for this week’s Mani Monday!

I have been dying to get my chevron on for awhile, I even bought a fresh roll of masking tape for the occasion… like three months ago.

Finally I finished season two of VGHS and could put some time into nails. It may have been coincidence that I chose the two colours of VGHS as my nail paint, however, I love blue and I bought the yellow a few weeks back and have been trying to work it into a design since.

If I could I would have painted the chevron on top of the main colour using tape as a guide. Sadly the yellow is a opaque paint and requires numerous layers so if I had done this it would have been green!

I simply cut out the chevrons from the masking tape (pre-nail paint to save from smudges).

After painting on my yellow base coat, I very carefully added the masking tape to each nail and topped with a coat of blue.

When it comes to removing the masking tape the internet usually says to wait until the varnish has dried. Regrettably, in my case the top colour was a thick varnish that would take forever to dry so instead I removed it as soon as I painted to avoid a stringy sticky mess.

I would advise choosing a quick and thin drying varnish to save the pain.

My lines aren’t perfect but I’ll be supporting VGHS all week as I eagerly and not so patiently wait for the third season.

– love Clare x