Fiji: Diving with Viti Watersports

It may have rained the morning of our first real day in Matamanoa Island Resort, but that doesn’t matter when you’re diving! Now this is my third time ever diving, and I was still a little terrified! I should point out I have an irrational fear of water, I can’t swim, and the only reason I went diving, or have ever been diving, is that I know I would regret it if I didn’t go. Plus, I wanted to see a turtle.

We also took the chance to give the new camera a go underwater, and the results aren’t bad for our first time!

IMG_1627 copy

The dive site we went to was called Edenville, and was more suitable for beginners. I did explain to Trevor, the very nice Londoner who works for Viti Watersports that I was a little scared, but we worked out most of my issues with a try dive in the pool the day before – and it really helped put me at ease. Freaking out when diving isn’t a sensible idea.

I have to say, the more I dive the less fear I feel, and actually it’s a very relaxing experience. And the view ain’t so bad either!

IMG_1591 copy

So we swam, became one with the fish, and I waited patiently for a turtle.

IMG_1583 copy

I also feel I snapped some pretty cool pics, whilst searching for a turtle…

IMG_1557 copy

And then I found him!!


IMG_1552 copy


Check out our Instagram page to see the video of this graceful fella!

IMG_1546 copy

Towards the end of the dive I didn’t think we would see anything cooler, but the reef just kept on going, so we found another starfish to chill with!

IMG_1532 copy

IMG_1531 copy

And of course I liked to stay a little closer to the surface… still 10 metres deep though.

IMG_1511 copy

But the reef kept drawing me back in.

IMG_1493 copy

IMG_1474 copy

In all we had a 45 minute dive and the time just went so fast. It was incredible and easily my favourite dive. For those who can’t swim don’t worry, you don’t need the ability to swim, diving is all in the legs – use your arms and you risk pulling out someone else’s oxygen! It is something I recommend, even if you only try it once.

For me it definitely helped that we had such a friendly instructor, that alone really did put me at ease, and I will happily recommend them again.

Have you been diving? Any tips for a newbie would be appreciated!

– love Carla x


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