Fiji: Matamanoa Island Resort, Mamanuca Islands


I know it’s been a while since I last posted about my amazing trip in Australia (three months have gone so fast), but I have been very busy purchasing my first house (eek)!

So, here it is (finally)…

From Melbourne, myself and the bf were lucky enough to travel to Fiji, or, as I like to refer to it, paradise.

We spent one evening on the mainland of Nadi, before heading out to the wonderful Matamanoa Resort in the Mamanuca Islands.

There are a few options when leaving the mainland to head to one of the smaller islands – the main two being a boat over, or a very cool helicopter. We went for the helicopter as it only took around 15 minutes rather than the boat which takes nearly an hour.

The service was provided by Island Hoppers who were absolutely fantastic. There is a weight restriction, and obviously being in Australia for three weeks we had lots of suitcases, but we minimised the stuff we would need for four days and packed just one bag – the Island Hoppers were kind enough to store our bags for us.


The ride was comfortable and the view was incredible. The day we flew out it was raining, but don’t be fooled, it was still 30 degrees and my boyfriend still got sunburn!



When arriving to Matamanoa we were waved in by a member of staff (whose name I wish I could remember) and she was just brilliant, and an absolute credit to the staff there.


We had drinks in the bar waiting for us, along with a shell necklace. Happily, Matamanoa is an Adults Only resort – the main basis for choosing this place.


Originally we had booked a Beachfront Bure but on arrival the lovely lady upgraded us to the finest Beachfront Villa!

The Villas are a short walk from the main bar, and since it was raining we were taken to our villa in a golf cart around the edge of the island.

IMG_1325 copy

We swung the door open and were greeted with a stunning villa.


Complete with beautiful flowers!

bathroomAnd even an outside shower!

outdoor shower

We had our own plunge pool and a view to die for. I only wish the camera hadn’t died after day two, when the sun really came out – we cleverly left the battery charger in the suitcases back on the mainland!


This little fella came to greet us.


We even had access to our own private slice of paradise.



Rain or no rain, the water was amazing!


So I took a quick dip to test out the new waterproof casing for the camera, and the sun decided to show itself. And I, being the clever cookie I am, decided to just snap some pics, without wiping away the water! Clever me.

IMG_1370 copy

IMG_1381 copy

We stayed for four days at Matamanoa Island Resort and I couldn’t recommend it enough! Our stay included a buffet-style breakfast of cereals and pastries which changed a little everyday and was perfectly tasty.

There was a good lunch menu and an even better dinner menu – both of which changed daily. I fully recommend the Caesar salad – it’s made fresh at your table exactly how you like it.

No cash changes hands at all during your stay, they simply charge everything to your room and you pay when you leave by either cash or card.

Together we spent around $3500 Fijian dollars, which is roughly £1,140. I know that sounds a lot for four days, but that is for two of us and included excursions like diving (which cost the most, but still much cheaper than in Australia) a boat trip to Monuriki Island (otherwise known as Castaway Island) and six treatments in the spa (we were in paradise after all and had had a tough three weeks in Oz), as well as three course evening meals and lots of cocktails!

Obviously it’s not a budget holiday, actually everyone else but us were there on honeymoon, and we were easily the youngest there.

All in all, Matamanoa is a beautiful resort, the staff are brilliant – I really do wish I’d have got the name of my friend who works on the reception who greeted us, she had a brilliant sense of humour and like all of the staff, was very friendly and approachable.

I will definitely be back again (when funds allow) so until then, Fiji.

Have you stayed in Matamanoa or anywhere else in Fiji? I’d love to hear from you!

– love Carla x

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