Phillip Island, VIC: Penguin Parade

One of the main reasons for visiting Melbourne was to go on an excursion out to Phillip Island to see the world’s smallest penguins. Our excursion was booked with AAT Kings and we went for the Express Tour, which gave us a few more hours in Melbourne.

I’ll start by saying our coach driver (whose name has completely escaped me) was brilliant. He was hilarious and talked for most of the way to Phillip Island.

We turned up a little earlier than expected as the traffic was particularly light, so the driver took us around to see some spectacular views of the island, and along the way we met this little fella – a wallaby. I am a bit disappointed I was in Australia for so long and didn’t see a Kangaroo, but this was close enough!


FUN FACT: Did you know there are more Kangaroos in Australia than there are people?

If you do go to visit the penguins make sure you’re prepared – we went in peak summer and it rained and was rather cold, but the rain stopped just before the penguins emerged from the sea. They sell blankets, ponchos and foamy things to sit on, but you may end up spending a small fortune if you are unprepared (like we were) so do take stuff with you just in case.

No photography is allowed as the flashes can scare the penguins and make them vomit, so it’s nice to just sit and enjoy without the hassle of people trying to get the perfect picture. However you can download the Phillip Island Penguins app and they have images from the night on there for you to download – check out their handiwork:








Aren’t they just the cutest things you have ever seen?! I definitely recommend going, and once you have watched them waddle their way to their nests you can walk along the boardwalks and see them feed, argue and waddle along with you!

I only wish we had time to go to the Koala Conservation – so that’s on the list for next time!

– love Carla x 


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