Sydney, NSW: Palm Beach

As I said when we went off to Bondi, a lot of the locals we ran into told us to head up to the northern beaches, and as a fan of Home and Away, it had to be Palm Beach.


As you can see the weather absolutely did not disappoint! It was New Year’s Day, and the sand was so hot we were bunny hopping all the way to the sea.


Unfortunately, as it was the holidays there was no filming going on, but it didn’t stop me doing the tourist thing. As you can see some of the ‘Summer Bay’ signs are permanent fixtures in Palm Beach.


And the Surf Club literally looks exactly the same as the show! I was practically giddy by this point – much to my bf’s dismay.


Does anyone recognise the Bay yet?


Around the corner of the main point of Palm Beach are the calmer waters that surround the Bait Shop and the Diner, which is a real café, however it was closed so I was a little gutted.


But as you can see it didn’t stop me in my tracks, and a lot of the afternoon you could hear my cries of: “Babe, take my picture here! Babe, can you see Alf? Babe this is where the fit doctor goes canoeing!” Needless to say, “babe” was not impressed…


But I managed to coax him into one last picture of me on the pier where many a cast member has ran, sat or cried!


By far this was a highlight of our trip, and though there wasn’t a Braxton in sight, I still had fun and managed to top up the old tan.

If you plan on heading down that way I would suggest taking some lunch with you – there is only the kiosk, which sells drinks and ice cream, or the café of course (when it’s open), but the view is so stunning. I wish we had taken a disposable barbie with us!

There are some communal barbecues (very cool), but as it was New Year’s Day and there is really nowhere close by to eat, they were all full up. I only wish I had know that sooner!

– love Carla x


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