New Year’s Eve in Sydney

With the weather sitting at 34 degrees, it was hard to believe Christmas was just six days ago…


New Year’s Eve was upon us, and it was the main reason for our visit to Australia. We were lucky enough to get tickets for the best vantage point in Sydney from The Point in the Royal Botanical Gardens, and it was worth every penny.

sydney nye 2015 the royal botanical gardens the point view55

As this was a ticketed event with limited numbers, we didn’t bother queuing all day (or all week like some had to secure a good free space). I honestly am glad I spent the money so I was able to have a whole day in Sydney and have an amazing view without having to sit a queue in the summer heat!

The doors to the event opened at 6pm, and closed at 7pm. We rocked up at 6.30pm and were handed a gourmet picnic and tickets for free water. The foodie stalls were also included in the ticket price, but as we had spent the day filling our faces with gelato and other goodies, we were just too full. Instead we just munched on our little picnic of pepper, ricotta and thyme tart, Cypriot grains and chargrilled vegetables with wild rice and a selection of cheeses and dried tomatoes.

We got chatting to some people who had queued since lunchtime to get in and secure a good seat, and as I said, we walked in at 6.30pm and sat next to them. There is no such thing as a bad seat here, I would only recommend going a little early if you are in a large group which wants to sit together.

We snapped some pics as the sun went down and it was lovely and warm, despite my wearing a jacket it was still around 25 degrees but it gets a tad breezy!

sydney nye 2015 the royal botanical gardens the point view4

Then for the main event, 12 minutes of utter magic! And as you can see, it really was the best view in Sydney!

sydney nye 2015 the royal botanical gardens the point view111


sydney nye 2015 the royal botanical gardens the point view22

As a lot of the roads are closed off in Sydney for New Year, the only way to get back into the city is to walk, and luckily for us it was only a 20-minute walk to the Menzies Hotel. But walking against a rumoured 1.6 million people added to the journey – it felt we were the only ones heading back in to the city!

sydney 2015 nye


sydney nye 2015And there you have it, New Year 2015 in Sydney! It was quite a night, and something you just can’t put into words.

Despite all of the people, Sydney is the cleanest city I have ever seen – I think the locals would be mortified with London.

Have you been to Sydney for New Year? Where did you watch the display from?

– love Carla x

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