Sydney, NSW: Bondi Beach

The day finally came! I had been waiting a very long time to get my tootsies into the soft sand of Bondi Beach, and it happened – it was magical!


We were staying very central during our time in Sydney, so luckily we were able to get a train and a bus straight to Bondi Junction, which took around 30 minutes altogether from Martin Place. (I recommend purchasing an Opal card from a local store – it’s basically an Oyster card that is new to NSW – as some buses such as the Bondi Express don’t take cash and will only take the card).

bondi beach

When we got off the bus, all you could see was the 1km stretch of beautiful Bondi at an ambient 32 degrees and it wasn’t even lunchtime!


I’m also a fan of Bondi Beach Rescue, and while there were no rescues that day, we did catch them filming one of the lifeguards. By the time I got down there they had finished though – b00!


Bondi is a massive tourist destination, and almost all of the locals we ran into told us not to go to Bondi, but to try one of the more northern beaches (more on that coming soon), but it was on my bucket list, and well, it was absolutely worth it!

Yes it was crowded, but it’s a big enough beach for everyone. If you do plan on visiting just remember one crucial thing, SWIM BETWEEN THE FLAGS! The lifeguards and said flags are there for your protection and not to be ignored, there is a very strong undercurrent that even the best swimmers get dragged out in.


I would absolutely recommend Bondi Beach, even if you only go once it is something you have to see for yourself.

– love Carla x


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