25 things: an update

As you may remember, last year I came up with 25 things I’d like to do.

Now, because I don’t really believe in New Year resolutions, this list has become my guide. It keeps me on track and takes the pressure off January 1 – so, in light of 2015 turning up, here’s an update:

1. Open a savings account


I opened an account on my 25th birthday and it is now where money is transferred to every month. Welcome to adulthood, Keeling – it’s about time.

2. Start taking care of myself

Taking care

This is one I didn’t think I’d take up, but I have. I joined a gym (toning, not cardio), started to eat healthily and drink plenty of water. I moisturise, go on lengthy walks and try to sleep for at least 7hrs per night.

3. Improve my posture


I have made a conscious effort to sit properly when I’m in the office and I try to stand up straight rather than my usual slouching.

4. Buy my own house


Thanks to my savings account, and acknowledging that I am actually an adult, I’m currently in the process of saving for a deposit – WOOP! 🙂

5. Start a record collection

Record collection

I bought my first record, (Fleetwood Mac, Rumours – FYI) just after my birthday. For Christmas I received my very own Crosley record player and Clean Bandit’s record, so the collection is under way.

6. Write a book

Write a book

Still a dream, but one that is creeping forward into reality. Although I feel like I’m still waiting for ‘the story,’ according to quite a few people (friends and boyf.) my ‘ridiculous’ life is what the story should be. Hmpf.

7. Take up yoga


This is one that I’m currently planning. I’ve eyed-up a yoga mat, downloaded an app and have perused the internet for classes at various gyms. It will happen.

8. Read all the books on my list


Okay, so the stack has actually increased in size – buying books seems to be an addiction. But, now that I am planning on being a hardcore saver (read: massive recluse), I hope to plough through my very own library.

9. Watch everything on my list

Films & TV

See 8.

10. Plan and take a road trip across America

Route 66

One day.

11. Move to Scotland (with a stop off in Yorkshire)


See 10.

12. See the Northern Lights

Northern Lights

Once my house is bought, I think this could possibly be one of the next holidays I have, along with Santorini.

13. Sleep under the stars

Sleep under the stars

See 10.

14. Go to New York at Christmas

New York

Ohhh, again – one day.

15. Fall in love


I won’t make you all feel sick, you know there’s a boyf...

16. Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland

St. Patrick's Day

In all honesty, this is one that I hope to achieve by the time I’m 30. So far, I’ve made a Guinness cake and that’s about it.

17. Own my dream car

1967 Chevy Impala

If anyone can help with this one, I’d be forever grateful. Maybe when I finally head over to America for my road trip I’ll get my hands on either a 1967 Chevy Impala or a 1963 Mercury Comet…

18. Buy a pair of Louboutins


Should I ever get married, I will definitely splash out on the sparkliest of Louboutins – until then, I’ll stick with the high street 😦

19. Learn to run


Yeah… this one isn’t going to happen any time soon. Sorry. Walking, yes. Doing weights and toning exercises, yes. Running, nah. Maybe one day, we’ll see…

20. Land my dream job


After the shock demise of Phones 4u last September, I was lucky enough to find another job almost immediately. I was also lucky that my new job is very much within my desired sector, and after everything I learnt from the sudden redundancy, it’s my mission to make myself as valuable in my chosen career as I can.

21. Learn to cook (dinner party-style)

Dinner party

I may not be quite dinner party ready, but I am progressing in the kitchen. I cook and bake and continue to attempt to stretch my skills. I also watch a lot of James Martin and Jamie Oliver programmes, but that’s more of a guilty pleasure/secret crush thing…

22. Lay off the straighteners


Nowadays I’m basically a glorified hobo – I don’t straighten my hair very often, and I can usually be found make-up free and in jamas… But my skin and hair have greatly improved in doing so, so long live the tramp!

23. Rescue a dog

Rescue dogs

This is my ambition in life – retire, own a large plot of land and rescue all of the dogs. All of them.

24. Take the momma to Canada


I’m working on it…

25. Buy my dad a Jaguar E-Type

E-Type Jaguar

Ditto 24…

– love Stef x


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