My girly night in

A girly night in

After all the excitement illness and wisdom tooth pain of Christmas and New Year, I’d finally stopped feeling like death and started to be able to eat again – just in time for going back to work on Monday.

Thanks to my body’s impeccable timing, I thought I may as well cut my losses and make the most of my final weekend before heading back to the office.

The boyf. was out having a night of Call of Duty and rum-drinking, so it was only right that I use the time to myself wisely and go for full-on girly-ness…

Starting with a beautiful purple bubble bath courtesy of a Lush bubble bar called The Comforter, I soaked for a good hour, listened to The Courteeners and lathered my hair to within an inch of its life.

I then did the magical thing of covering myself in body moisturiser, had a tiny Rachel from Friends moment (“Ooooh love to love you baby, ow!”), before putting on my Christmas ‘jamas – yes, they’re a thing – and slid into bed.

Now, because I was alone, there was only one thing for it…

Sit and revel/sob in the delight of The Fault in Our Stars and eat copious amounts of chocolate. Just because, you know.

I also may have swapped my usual two-legged furry friend for a four-legged furry friend in the shape of Denv (sorry boyf.)

I woke up feeling extremely refreshed and ridiculously pampered.

So there you have it, my girly night in.

– love Stef x

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