Cocktails @ The Alchemist, Manchester

The Alchemist

The Alchemist


love Manchester, it’s one of my favourite places to visit.

On Saturday, to celebrate myself and the boyf. getting new jobs (both of us being victims of the fall of Phones 4u), we decided to have a little trip packed full of window shopping, GoPro purchasing and cocktail sipping.

Now, I’m not the most cultured of people *feign surprise* so I obediently followed the boyf. as he led us to Spinningfields and into The Alchemist.

The building is something I’ve probably walked past several times without noticing – it’s sort of discreet unless you know what you’re looking for – but inside was simply magical.

Quite busy for a Saturday afternoon, I was too preoccupied being in awe of the fairy lights and bartenders shooting across the mass array of bottles on a ladder to mind the crowds.

Promising that visitors will be ‘wowed by the team of mixologists as they push the boundaries of the Manchester drinking experience,’ I was handed a menu and felt myself immediately drawn to the Hot & Cold Espresso Tini.

And, I was definitely wowed.

The guys behind the bar were multitasking masters, taking our orders while making several other concoctions and lighting a bunsen burner – at this point I was convinced I was in a potions lesson and this building was clearly something to do with Hogwarts.

A few minutes and some dry ice nuggets later, I was handed a bottle half filled with chilled chantilly cream, half with bubbling hot espresso martini and a straw. Once melted, the two mixed together to make the most exquisite cocktail and I declared myself the happiest pig on the farm.

I definitely can’t wait to head back there, maybe for food and cocktails next time (boyf. that’s a hint)…

Have you been to The Alchemist? What cocktail did you test out?

– love Stef x

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