Cocktails @ The Alchemist, Manchester

The Alchemist

The Alchemist


love Manchester, it’s one of my favourite places to visit.

On Saturday, to celebrate myself and the boyf. getting new jobs (both of us being victims of the fall of Phones 4u), we decided to have a little trip packed full of window shopping, GoPro purchasing and cocktail sipping.

Now, I’m not the most cultured of people *feign surprise* so I obediently followed the boyf. as he led us to Spinningfields and into The Alchemist.

The building is something I’ve probably walked past several times without noticing – it’s sort of discreet unless you know what you’re looking for – but inside was simply magical.

Quite busy for a Saturday afternoon, I was too preoccupied being in awe of the fairy lights and bartenders shooting across the mass array of bottles on a ladder to mind the crowds.

Promising that visitors will be ‘wowed by the team of mixologists as they push the boundaries of the Manchester drinking experience,’ I was handed a menu and felt myself immediately drawn to the Hot & Cold Espresso Tini.

And, I was definitely wowed.

The guys behind the bar were multitasking masters, taking our orders while making several other concoctions and lighting a bunsen burner – at this point I was convinced I was in a potions lesson and this building was clearly something to do with Hogwarts.

A few minutes and some dry ice nuggets later, I was handed a bottle half filled with chilled chantilly cream, half with bubbling hot espresso martini and a straw. Once melted, the two mixed together to make the most exquisite cocktail and I declared myself the happiest pig on the farm.

I definitely can’t wait to head back there, maybe for food and cocktails next time (boyf. that’s a hint)…

Have you been to The Alchemist? What cocktail did you test out?

– love Stef x

Fave 4: Lipsticks

Favourite Four - Lipsticks

I love makeup, but what I truly adore and cannot get enough of is lipstick. It can bring an entire look together, compliment an outfit and generally make you look and feel however you want to on any given day.

So I thought I’d share the top four lippies that I always find myself reaching for – although sometimes my go-to is just a slick of vaseline (what?! I’m lazy alright?)

MAC – Ruby Woo

You may have seen this cult classic on my beauty wish list, and thankfully my lovely work friends spotted it there too – I received my very own, much wanted Ruby Woo in April and it’s barely been off my lips. MAC’s cool, blue-toned lippy is perfect for everyone, yet it’s notorious for being a bit of a lip-dryer. For me, this is actually a good thing as its long-lasting and not likely to end up all around my face like slicker formulas.

Topshop – Infrared

This beautiful orangey red just makes me happy. It’s also the reason I’ve become slightly obsessed with orange on the whole – clothing, makeup, nail varnish, everything! Topshop’s Infrared has accompanied me to summer events such as Latitude and Leeds Festival, and is even taking me through to Autumn despite its bright colour. What can I say, I love it!

ColorTrend – Doll Pink

Yes ColorTrend is Avon’s teen makeup range, and no I don’t care. Doll Pink is vibrant and perfectly pink – as in full-on shocking Barbie pink. This is the colour I opt for on those days/nights when I actually feel like being a bit girly, although I’m not generally a pink kinda girl. It’s bright, flattering and just the right shade.

Avon – Sparkling Nude

And as you can see, being an Avon lady has its perks – quite a lot of my makeup collection is Avon based. Sparkling Nude is exactly that – very wearable, very pretty and subtle enough for daytime. Add a touch of lip liner and a gold gloss though, and it instantly becomes the perfect nude to accompany a night out’s smokey eye.

What are your favourite lipsticks?

– love Stef x

Mani Monday #27

It’s Mani Monday time!

This week I’ve gone for an ombre nail – but in its simplest terms – using five shades, one on each finger from dark to light.

I used Avon Nailwear Pro+ in P605, LOOK Nail Pop in Prom, Avon Nailwear Pro in Viva Pink, LOOK Nail Pop in Ribbon, and Tesco All About Nails in Honey Pink.

And here are the results – a little bit different but I’m quite taken with the look:

Mani Monday 27

Will you be trying the simple ombre mani?

– love Stef x

The Pandora Essence Quiz

Pandora - What's Your Essence

Pandora has released a new collection based around charms which ‘reflect your inner values,’ and as part of its marketing campaign, the company has devised a rather clever, personalised quiz.

Dropping into my inbox, I was intrigued by the mechanic of the gimmick – I love my Pandora bracelet and its Essence Collection had already piqued my interest – so I thought I’d give it a go and see what my inner self is all about…

By answering less than ten questions and picking up to three answers, the quiz determines which three attributes out of the collection (honesty, courage, wisdom etc) the participant most strongly represents – and therefore, which charms you should include on your bracelet.

Turns out I’m all about the love. Who knew?!

Pandora What's Your Essence

And to top it off, as well as giving percentages to each attribute, the site also divulges just what exactly each charm you’re matched to means:

Pandora - What's Your Essence

As email campaigns go, I think Pandora has scored a winner with this one and I’d certainly consider buying the charms which the quiz recommended for me.

If you’re anything like me and want to know what results you get (and like seeing your name on screen), you can take the What’s Your Essence quiz here.

– love Stef x

Being Mia Wallace: Urban Decay Pulp Fiction

 “I’ll be there in three shakes of a lamb’s tail.” – Mia Wallace

Mia Wallace
It’s been 20 years since Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction hit the silver screen and the iconic Mia Wallace sashayed barefoot to You Never Can Tell.

Last month my favourite makeup brand, Urban Decay, released its limited edition Pulp Fiction palette dedicated to Mrs Wallace herself – and I want need it.

Urban Decay Pulp Fiction

Containing five eyeshadow shades (three of which are new) and a double-ended brush, the palette is to die for, however, the collection also includes an eyeliner, nail varnish, lip pencil and lipstick.

BUT (and this is a big but), all the pieces are sold separately. And I am half furious, half gutted.

Completely unlike the fantastic Oz the Great and Powerful palettes, which held eight eyeshadows, an eyeliner and a lip crayon in one set. So, in my fury I haven’t gone out and bought any of the Pulp Fiction collection.

I’m cutting my nose off to spite my face, but in all honesty, I can’t justify spending in excess of £50 – Mrs Mia Wallace, I want to be you, but not that much…

Have you bought any of the Urban Decay Pulp Fiction collection? More importantly, can I borrow it?

– love Stef x

Sale: Abbey by Abbey Clancy at Matalan

Abbey by Abbey Clancy at Matalan

It’s no surprise that She Wears High Heels loves a celeb clothing range, and a dress from Abbey Clancy’s first Matalan drop was my 25th birthday outfit (I didn’t morph into the leggy blonde model by wearing it though)…

Now, Abbey’s second collection is here and has finally reached sale prices – and who doesn’t enjoy a good ol’ sale?!

The 26-piece line-up is ‘based around a monochrome palette in a sport luxe style. Featuring mesh textures and crepe fabrics across a range of dresses and coordinating sets.’

Abbey by Abbey Clancy at Matalan

Prices now start at £12, so what are you waiting for? Get your Abbey by Abbey Clancy fix here and save a few pennies.

– love Stef x