Mani Monday #23

A few weeks ago I celebrated my 25th birthday, and with a birthday comes presents – and I got a right cracker from my big sis.

I LOVE painting my nails, it’s such a girly thing to do, and nothing can beat a cup of tea and a good mani while you’re watching the soaps.

So when I unwrapped my very own SensatioNail Gel Starter Kit, I was practically giddy.

The kit comes with all the goodies you need to perfect your own gel mani, and my set was scarlet red which as you see is very much a Louboutin red – and a girl can’t argue with that.

There is a little booklet telling you what order to do things, and it is very simple to follow – I have very high hopes for this!

I found that painting one nail at a time is an absolute pain, so I do for example the four fingers on my left had, and my right thumb, then I can fit all five under the lamp at the same time. No mess and no fuss.

Now the question is does it last? Well I actually painted my nails 5 days ago, and as you can see in the pics here, still vibrant and very shiny so no complaints from me.

I absolutely recommend this beauty of a prize, and now I get to experiment with lots of different colours which I am very excited about!

– love Carla x


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