Mani Monday #23

A few weeks ago I celebrated my 25th birthday, and with a birthday comes presents – and I got a right cracker from my big sis.

I LOVE painting my nails, it’s such a girly thing to do, and nothing can beat a cup of tea and a good mani while you’re watching the soaps.

So when I unwrapped my very own SensatioNail Gel Starter Kit, I was practically giddy.

The kit comes with all the goodies you need to perfect your own gel mani, and my set was scarlet red which as you see is very much a Louboutin red – and a girl can’t argue with that.

There is a little booklet telling you what order to do things, and it is very simple to follow – I have very high hopes for this!

I found that painting one nail at a time is an absolute pain, so I do for example the four fingers on my left had, and my right thumb, then I can fit all five under the lamp at the same time. No mess and no fuss.

Now the question is does it last? Well I actually painted my nails 5 days ago, and as you can see in the pics here, still vibrant and very shiny so no complaints from me.

I absolutely recommend this beauty of a prize, and now I get to experiment with lots of different colours which I am very excited about!

– love Carla x

Mani Monday #22

After the release of Maleficient, I couldn’t help but go for a Disney-esque theme.

Like most girls, I love Disney. That and my serious girl-crush on Angelina Jolie (sorry Jen!) meant that when I first heard about Maleficient, the fan girl in me cried with joy.

I should, therefore, have created Aurora and a slanted dripping cake. However, I have been holding on to Models Own Blue Moon nail polish for a chance to paint a mermaid theme, so I went with Ariel instead.

Using a fine paint brush (not actually designed for nails) with a fairly shaky hand, I painted a scale print in a metallic grey on top. To make Ariel pop, I found a jazzy looking red for her hair and a light coral for her skin. A star jewel would be perfect for the starfish she wears in her hair, but I don’t have any.

Finally, If you haven’t already, go see the movie and revel in all the childhood nostalgia!

– love Clare x

*EDITOR’S NOTE: This does not reflect the opinion of the editors, and we are in fact still waiting for Brad to come to his senses.*

The No7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Brush Review

As I am getting older, it has dawned on me that since finding my first few grey hairs (*sob*) I absolutely do not want to grow old gracefully.

I will use what ever lotions and potions I need to in order to stay looking in young. Father Time is a bitch.

Because of this, I have started a whole new face routine. I have been looking into other ways to make my skin glow and with this I came across a No7 manual cleansing brush from Boots and started using that in my routine.

You’ll see in the pics below what I’m talking about, and why I desperately needed an electronic one!

I saw the price of a Clarisonic and wept. That was until Boots put their No7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Brush on SALE! At £24.95 full price I was sold, but then for it to go to £15 – well it just had to happen. I also used a £5 off skincare voucher and actually got it for £10 – bargain!

I read some reviews and some of you may be thinking there’s a reason it’s so cheap – and a lot of bloggers had some not nice things to say about it, but here’s my opinion. IT’S BLOODY BRILLIANT.


Better than the manual one, it’s not too harsh on the skin if you use the slower speed, while the faster speed is perfect for your neck.

I have never used a Clarisonic for comparison, but for that price they can keep it.

I don’t use it every day though and I use Elizabeth Arden’s Visible Difference Exfoliating Cleanser on the days I don’t use the brush.

My skin is soft and not so clogged with make up and dried skin, so I would definitely recommend this brush, especially if you’re on a budget.

I would say I have combination skin – my nose especially gets particularly dry while my forehead gets quite oily, but that is probably down to my fringe – nonetheless it’s oily and it’s a problem.

I genuinely do love the brush and I would absolutely recommend it. And as I said, I paid for this product – it was not a press sample, my opinion is purely mine.

I would love to hear your opinion as everyone is different!

– love Carla x

Mani Monday #21

This weeks Mani Monday will cost you 50p – that’s right ladies, I hit Primark again, and this had to happen.

Forget nail foils, they take too long, scratch off quite easily (in my experience) and lose the shine after a day. These bad boys, however, keep it strong and don’t look as tacky as you may think.

Okay, so they’re not suitable for work, but they are very cool on a night out, especially if you’re wearing pink or coral tones.

Give them a go, I promise you won’t be disappointed!

– love Carla x

The Bucket List

My time has come to turn 25 *sob* and with depressing birthday celebrations approaching, it got me thinking about what I really want in life.

I have always had a “Bucket List” of things I generally wanted to achieve/do, or places I wanted to visit, and as depressed as I am with my life sometimes, upon reflection I ain’t done so bad.

The first half of my bucket list, and the things I have successfully achieved, are:

  • Get a degree in Journalism
  • Stand on top of the Empire State Building
  • See the Sistine Chapel for myself
  • Buy a bottle of Chanel in Paris
  • Learn to drive
  • Work for a magazine
  • Party on the White Isle (Ibiza to me and you…)
  • Learn to swim
  • Start a blog that has actual readers :-p

Not too bad really, but here are the things I want to do next, and they’re not completely out of reach:

Own a classic designer pair of shoes, aka Christian Louboutin

425 netaporterScuba dive the Great Barrier Reef


See in the New Year in Sydney


Live in another country…


…and have some lovely expensive luggage for the trip

samsonite 379Since I can choose anywhere, I want a kickass apartment in Manhattan


Where I will write a New York Times bestselling novel


…which will be the perfect stepping stone to start my very own magazine


Once that has become uber successful, I want to travel the world and see the Northern Lights


and live in paradise for a much needed break…

paradise…before partying in Rio


I will then return to the UK and own this bad boy, which happens to feature in my all time favourite movies…


Then somehow, magically, I will meet, interview, and marry James Bourne. And as you can see in this picture, that there stood next to my future husband is co-editor of this blog, Ms Keeling. Who interviewed him, and stood so close they were touching in this pic. AND I WASN’T EVEN INVITED. Not that I’m bothered, but you know, he doesn’t even know I exist. And there she is. Look at her, right next to him and everything. #BadFriend


There is my ideal life, in pictures. Some of it is do-able, the best bits, probably not so much, but a girl can dream… right?

– love Carla x

*EDITOR’S NOTE: I was actually enjoying writing this, until I got to the last point, and now I’m quite depressed. I should also take this opportunity to apologise to my darling boyfriend, soz babe, but we both know you’d pick Mila over me.*

*CO-EDITOR’S NOTE: Sorry Carla, in my defence I did mention you to him before being completely overwhelmed at standing next to my future husband, Danny.*


Mani Monday #20

Welcome to another Mani Monday!

I’m still resisting the blue and trying to get into the summer mood with this subtle free-hand design. I’m also giving you a glimpse at my right hand!

Everyone asks me about how I paint with my left hand… Well here you can clearly see I can’t! Credit for trying and from a distance its not so bad.

Painting a simple colour is easy enough, just take your time and keep that trusty toothpick nearby to pick out the finer details like I have here.

A steady hand really is key but of course as with everything – practice, practice, practice. Take your time and don’t worry if you make a mistake!

If it’s really bad just start again, it’s not like a tattoo…

– love Clare x