Mani Monday #19

Over the past week, I have caved into getting an Xbox One (let’s not start a whole argument over which console is better)…

We are an Xbox household – clearly now until death apparently. Therefore, Can you guess what this week’s inspiration had to be?

I’ve been dying to practice my free hand even though I lack the proper equipment (Mum, Models Own just brought out a nail art set and my birthday is soon…).

In fairness, my fine paint brush trimmed isn’t too shabby but we always seek perfection.

Xbox One Mani Monday

To fulfil my mister’s desires, I pulled out my black nail varnish with full knowledge of it’s staining ability. To help replicate the matte vs gloss look on the Xbox controller, I turned to my EssieĀ Matte About You topcoat.

I love matte nails and its so effective with black varnish. It’s not perfect I know, but it’s not a bad first attempt and if it’s enough to inspire others to pick up a brush then I’m happy.

We would love to see your nail art too, send over your quirky designs for us to share!

– love Clare x

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