Spratt Says: The Bucket List

Spratt SaysAs I begin to approach the quarter of a century mark of my lifetime I’ve begun to panic that I’ve done nothing with my life, and it got me thinking;

What can I still do before I’m 30?

So I’ve compiled a bucket list of things that I feel I need to do in the next five or so years:



1. Travel the world

Travel the world

An obvious one really, especially as I rarely venture out of Buxton, let alone the country.

2. Get a career


I have a degree in journalism and I work in a newsagents. The definition of irony.

3. Grow a beard

Grow a beard

Every man should grow a beard at least once. I’ve made many valiant attempts but I want a beard that the cast of Game of Thrones would be proud of.

4. Read every book I own

Read every book I own

I have thousands, most of which I’ve never opened.

5. Get a tattoo

Get a tattoo

Not having a tattoo in 2014 is like having a tattoo in the 1930s. Weird.

6. Buy a house

Buy a house

My own house. Preferably like something from an episode of Cribs.

7. Kill a man

Swim with dolphins

…just kidding, swim with dolphins.

8. Get a blue tick on Twitter and my own Wikipedia page

Get verifiedI’m not sure how yet but I will!

9. Learn to drive

Learn to drive

Always wanted a car but could never a Ford one.

10. Stop making bad puns

Stop making bad punsSorry…


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