Mani Monday #9


This week’s Mani Monday is inspired by the lovely Zooey Deschanel and her daisy-inspired nails courtesy of celeb nail technician, Tom Bachik for L’Oréal.

She sported the cutesy daisies for the Golden Globes, so I though if she can have them, so can I… harder than it looks people…

But I tried, and that’s all that counts!

Unlike Zooey, I fancied a base coat, so since spring  is still trying to make an appearance, I thought I’d go for a pretty pastel colour, Ming Green by Barry M.
20140302-123847.jpgI personally feel with a colour behind them, it makes the daisies stand out that little bit more.

I used yellow gems for the centre of my daisies – for a tutorial on how I attach the gems please see this previous Mani Monday post.

The daisies are pretty hard to do, and even harder when you’re using your non-dominant hand. Because of this, I only put daisies on odd finger where I fancied really, there was no order and I placed them in different places on the actual nail, so they weren’t all centred.

This gave it a pretty cute look actually, and well, I’m pleased with myself!

Have you tried this mani?

If you have any pearls of wisdom for me, get in touch, I’m always willing to learn!

Happy Monday!

– love Carla

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