Mani Monday #8

This is by far the easiest, classiest manicure you can have. Best bit? Super easy, simple to maintain, and it looks oh-so-cute!

20140224-090838.jpgThe guides were from Boots and I think these are the better ones, I have used cheaper ones in the past, but these really stick to your nails so you get a nice clean line and no puddles near your skin.

Make sure you clean your nails properly and treat them. To get the best results, my usual routine is here.

My nails are prone to chipping, especially on the edges, but I have found with this mani it is seriously reduced, probably due to the amount of varnish going on the very tips of the nail.

For this I used Barry M Matte White for the tips, with a sally Hansen nail hardening top coat, it really is that simple!

20140224-090823.jpg20140224-090851.jpg     20140224-090907.jpg

Just use two coats to get the pure white finish and you’re set. The best thing about this simple mani is you can jazz it up with gems however you wish! Just use a decent nail glue and follow the steps to nail gem application in this post.

Happy Monday!

– love Carla x


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