Spratt Says: Valentine’s Day – urgh

kieran sprattI hate Valentine’s Day and there are so very many reasons why:

I hate it because – and to use the old cliché – it’s commercialised rubbish. I’m pretty sure this day was only invented to keep Card Warehouse in business between Christmas and Mother’s Day.

I hate the couples on Valentine’s Day who litter my Facebook news feed with “I have the best boyfriend/girlfriend in the world because he bought me a selection box from Thorntons.”

I hate desperate, single people on Valentine’s Day, who keep bringing up the fact that “they’re all alone again this year”. Do me a favour – go down to Morrisons, buy the biggest tub of Ben and Jerry’s and cry into that because nobody cares.

I hate the films that get brought upon us at Valentine’s Day. I’ve only seen the trailer but I can tell you right away Endless Love is the worst film of all time.

I hate being single on Valentine’s Day not because of the whole being alone thing, but because of all those awkward conversations leading up to the big day:  “Are you going to be writing any cards this week?”

Shut up Mum!

I don’t want to sound like a Valentine’s scrooge but people take this day too far, when I thought the whole point in a relationship is to show the one you love how much you care all year round, not just one time in February with a Pandora bracelet…

Rant over, and if anyone is in the same boat as me, fear not; It’s Pancake Day on March 4th.


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