Mani Monday #4

Welcome to Mani Monday!

Now, today is supposed to be the most miserable day of the year. It’s cold, we’re all tired, and well… it’s Monday. But that is no excuse to have fancy nails! So here is my attempt at some budget velvet nails.

I purchased the velvet pots from Poundland, so I thought I’d team it with my favourite Barry M Navy Nail Paint.

Here’s how to do it:

First clean, scrub, soften and protect your natural nails and have a decent base coat.

Then add two thin layers of your chosen colour nail polish and let them dry thoroughly.

Finally, put on a nice layer of your top coat, and whilst it’s still wet sprinkle the velvet over your nail, and gently press it in so it sticks. I used the plastic tray that the pots came in to catch all the waste, it gets messy!

Et voilà! Here is the finished product:

navy velvet nails

Whatever you do, DO NOT drop the velvet pot with the lid off. This happens:

Poundland velvet nail pots mess

It’s no fun cleaning up, so be careful!

– love Carla x


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