Mani Monday #3

Welcome to Mani Monday!

This week I wanted to share with you another Primark bargain, by way of a Matte Top Coat, £1 – you don’t get much cheaper than that!

I went through my usual routine of Sally Hansen’s cuticle cream to soften cuticles and aid in gently pushing them back, then use the revitalising growth formula followed by the strengthening base coat.

I then did three very thin layers of the black nail paint, as this helps it to dry quicker and has less chance of smudging – I’m a smudger!

Next I used a layer of Elegant Touch Brush-On Nail Glue, £3.10 from Boots, and apply the gems – which I purchased from Poundland – by using some clear varnish on the end of a cuticle stick to make it tacky so that the gems stick to it.

Gently pushing the gems on to the nail glue, I used the clean side of the cuticle stick to wiggle them about and lined them up before the glue dries.

Finally – the Matte Top Coat – you can see from the pics how good it is, and for £1 you can’t really go wrong. I have never used nail varnish from Primark before, so I thought this would be a good place to start!

I went for rainbow gems as I thought they would really stand out from the black – and they do.

All in all I’m quite impressed, I just hope the top coat lasts longer than a day. I will update this post when it starts to chip.

manicure monday 3

Sally Hansen Cuticle Massage Cream // Sally Hansen Natural Nail Growth Revitalizer // Sally Hansen Continuous Growth Treatment for Natural Nails // Primark Matte top Coat // Barry M Nail Paint in Black

Hope you have a fabulous Monday!

– love Carla x

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