Shoe Lust #1: River Island

“Men I may not know, but shoes? Shoes I know.” – Carrie Bradshaw (Sex and the City)

Shoe Lust 1 River Island

White Peep Toe Platform Sandals – £55 // White Quilted Panel High Tops – £30 // Light Pink Cut Out Platform Sandals – £60 // Gold Metallic T-Bar Platform Sandals – £55

– love Stef x

Valentine’s Day Guide for Men: Worst. Gifts. Ever.

We all know V-day is fast approaching, so why is it men like to forget about this holiday – and worse still, give you crappy gifts that you’re expected to appreciate?

I mean okay, there is some history to Valentine’s Day and whichever story you choose to believe, I can sort of understand  why men dismiss V-day and claim it was all invented by Hallmark.

But for some special reason – one can only put down to sheer laziness – men are completely and utterly rubbish when it comes to being creative with gifts. It’s not like we’re asking for the Moon or anything…

I do stand firm that I don’t need just one day to tell my boyfriend I love him, but there’s nothing wrong with going with the masses and secretly wanting the largest bouquet known to man.

Here are what I think are the worst gifts that you, my dear man, could give:

  1. Underwear. Unless I have specifically given you my sizes and preferred style, DO NOT BOTHER. Mankind needs to understand a few things, unlike their S, M, L sizing, women’s bodies are all very different. If I’m a 12 in New Look, I am not a 12 in Next, capiche? The only thing worse than receiving a size 8 that doesn’t fit, is receiving a size 14 that does. Sob.
  2. Supermarket Flowers. I’m not dissing Asda here, they do some lovely bouquets, but really, remembering to buy me flowers with the weekly shop is not cool. They’re perfectly fine for when you have done something wrong, or on a Saturday just ‘cos I’m pretty, but V-day? You have the internet. Use it.
  3. Household Items. These are already offensive as a gift unless it’s a wedding/new home present. I may have mentioned I want a blender, so buy it at any other time. If you give it to me on a birthday/Christmas, or indeed Valentine’s, your head will end up in it. Am I being clear?
  4. Chocolate. I told you I was on a diet at New Year’s?! Why don’t you listen to me? Oh… you found the biscuits…
  5. Budget Card Shop Rubbish. This means giant teddy bears that have no place in the home, ‘Horny Cheques’ and inappropriate mugs/aprons/posters. It’s 99p for a reason.

Worst. Gifts. Ever

You will notice jewellery is not on the list, because we love jewellery. It’s not tacky, or unimaginative. Tiffany & Co. have an app for a reason.

I have had some interesting gifts in my time, my first boyfriend, at the age of 15, bought me a CD (before piracy was so accessible), a red rose and a Me to You bear. Sweet right? Until he told me he forgot and his Mom had given them to him. Not so sweet.

I also had an ex who thought it appropriate to ‘owe’ me a present since I hadn’t reminded him it was Valentine’s Day. Dick.

But more recently, my first Valentine’s Day with my current boyfriend was well, an anti-climax. He professed to be oh-so-cute and liked to hand-make  cards. So, since I was usually uninterested and not particularly nice to most boyfriends in the past, I thought I would make an effort and return the favour.

Since he is Scottish, I made heart-shaped shortbread, and even hunted everywhere for a heart-shaped tin to put them in – this is a lot harder than you would think – and spent the best part of 20 minutes trying to tie a red ribbon around the odd-shaped tin.

Then, for the card, I had Google-mapped the area he was from, where I was from, and where we met in Ibiza. Cut-out said maps into heart shapes and glued them to the most expensive piece of card ever. I then went to town with the glitter glue, and I’m not going to lie, I was pretty damn impressed with my creative skills.

So the day came, I drove 300 miles to see him and gave him his gifts. What did I get? A hug. Not even joking. He took the day off work, as it was a Friday, and claimed he would take me out later. Well in my mind that was a given, yes you will bloody take me out later, now where’s my card? He forgot.

Three year’s later I remind him of that day, and I intend to never let him forget. I would’ve flipped out but well… he’s so cute…

What rubbish gifts have you recieved? Do you have a funny V-day story to tell? Get in touch!

– love Carla x

Valentine's Day


Gifts are to be given with a card AS WELL AS being treated to a day out/meal in a restaurant, not INSTEAD OF. The restaurant is not a gift, it’s expected. And no, a takeaway will not ‘do’.

Mani Monday #5

It’s Monday, you know what that means…Another Mani Monday!

This week I went a little girly and had a pink mani with the prettiest glitter for the ring finger, and for once, there is NO Barry M nail paint AT ALL. Not one bit. – I do like to be a rebel sometimes…

So this post is dedicated to Collection 2000, No 7 and erm… Asda glitter.

Basically I love glitter and as gorgeous as some glitter polishes can be, nothing quite does it like actual glitter.

Just look at how pretty.

So here’s how:

After cleaning, priming, and base-coating, I used the pale pink from Collection 2000 (I’m unsure of the shade as it’s faded) and painted 3 thin layers to get a good coverage and no smudging.

For the ring finger I used my favourite base coat – Sally Hansen’s Continuous Growth Treatment – and while it’s still sticky, sprinkle the glitter on and gently push it in so it really sticks.

Next I used the No 7 Glitter Top Coat as it is very close to the colour of the glitter, and adds some depth to the shine. You could also use this as a top coat over the pink as it is a very subtle glitter, but I really wanted the ring finger to stand out.

Buying a pack of glitter comes in handy for your nails, especially at Christmas, as you can really make them stand out.

I hope you have a fabulous Monday!

– love Carla x

Spratt Says: The Ideal Woman

kieran sprattWhen I was asked to describe my perfect woman I panicked because at the age of 24, I really haven’t got a clue – I’m still learning.

So, as a compromise I’ve composed a list of celebrities and the traits I like most about them, throwing them all into a pot, in the hope of creating the ‘perfect woman’.

The Zooey Deschanel: 

Because nobody likes boring, and Zooey Deschanel embodies the sort of quirkiness that I love in a girl.

The Jennifer Lawrence: 

There’s a reason why the world loves Jennifer Lawrence and that’s because she is probably the coolest and most down-to-earth actress on the planet. She is also absolutely hilarious.

The Kelly Brook: 

Ridiculously stunning. And that body? Oh. My. Days.

The Michelle Keegan:

The classic girl-next-door that just so happens to be one of the most beautiful women in the world. On an unrelated note, I passionately hate Mark Wright.

Spratt Says

So, if someone was to ask me what I consider a perfect woman to be, it would be something of a combination of the above. No pressure…

Benefit They’re Real! Mascara: Beauty Review

I am a major fan of Benefit cosmetics. I seriously mean huge, it broke my heart when they discontinued Moon Beam, I am literally saving the last bit I have for a special occasion. You know, like when Ryan Gosling finally realises he needs to make babies with me, that sort of thing…

I have seen many a beauty review on this mascara, and surprisingly to me, they have been somewhat mixed, so I thought I would throw my two cents in.

lashes 1

lashes 2 Benefit They're Real Mascara

At £19.50 I didn’t really want to use it as an everyday mascara – this girl’s on a budget – but I just see it sitting there every morning, and can’t help myself.

I have dark eyes, and naturally black lashes, so I really look for volume and thickness to frame my eyes. I have been wearing black eyeliner around my eyes since the tender age of 14 – a necessity I feel – because when I don’t wear eyeliner I look somewhat anemic. This is to the point where my colleagues ask if I feel okay, to which my response is “I’m fine, just no eyeliner today!”

lashes 3

lashes 4 Benefit They're Real mascara

When I wear this mascara however, with NO eyeliner whatsoever, no one comments on my ill looking eyes – not a peep. It glides on so thick, but not gloopy, and frames my eyes just perfectly so it’s not too over the top for my office job.

The wand is curved with spikes at the end making it easier to really get in to the corners. And the best bit? It doesn’t smudge or flake. Not even a tiny bit.

I must admit sometimes, on the rare occasion I do go to bed and forget to wipe off my makeup (I know what a rebel!) I must tell you that this stuff doesn’t even budge, and I have white pillowcases!

If you haven’t got this mascara yet, I strongly recommend you stop what you’re doing and rectify the situation immediately.

I hope this helps! What are your thoughts on “the UK’s best selling mascara”?

– love Carla x

Beauty Wish List

I like fashion (I say fashion, I mean shoes), but I’m a beauty girl at heart. Some females may coo at dresses and handbags – I get my kicks from a good lipstick.

So, here is my beauty wish, want, need list:

Beauty Wishlist

Real Techniques Collection // Estee Lauder Aries Zodiac Compact // Chanel Rouge Noir Nail Varnish // Lush Vanillary Gift Set // Mac Ruby Woo Lipstick  //  Bumble and Bumble Spray Chalk in Cobalt

What’s on your beauty wish list?

– love Stef x

Topless Tuesday – All about the Soaps

Hello and welcome to our favourite day – Topless Tuesday!

Since the National Television Awards are tomorrow, we thought we would dedicate today to the gorgeous men who do, and have, graced our TV screens at tea-time and made for some very easy viewing.

You’re welcome!

– love Carla x

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